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Henry Moore Archive Foundation - Corten Steel Facade

Weathered Steel / Corten Hook-on cassettes for the roof and exterior walls for Henry Moore Archive Foundation. Be inspired by this Facades project.

Creating a Masterpiece at the Henry Moore Archive

Kingspan Facade’s beautifully engineered Corten facade solution has helped to create an archive building truly worthy of its artistic contents.

Hugh Broughton Architects
Hertfordshire, UK
QuadCore™ Karrier System | Hook-on Cassette
Corten | Weathered steel

The Project

Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Project - HENRY MOORE ARCHIVE UK Image
The Henry Moore Foundation was founded in 1977 by the artist and his family to promote public appreciation of the visual arts. Based at Moore’s former home at Perry Green in Hertfordshire, the Foundation’s activities had begun to outgrow its facilities and the decision was made to redevelop parts of the estate, including creating a space where the entire Henry Moore archive could be brought under one roof.

Oxidised steel

Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Project - HENRY MOORE ARCHIVE UK Image
Clad with out eye-catching Corten Hook-on cassettes, the purpose-designed extension of an existing house has been conscientiously presented to echo the philosophy of Moore’s practice, whilst also complying with national archiving standards. Comprising an oak reading room, six climate-controlled rooms, and a further project space for the digitisation and conservation of materials, the new archive building opened to the public in April 2018 and is a valuable resource in the preservation of the artist’s world-renowned legacy.
We specified Kingspan’s BENCHMARK Weathered Steel / Corten Hook-on cassettes for the new archive for the  Henry Moore Archive Foundation because it is a beautifully engineered system offering a timeless visual elegance that compliments very well our design intent for the project. The Weathered Steel / Corten cladding looks stunning against the backdrop of the beautiful gardens created by Henry and Irina Moore.

Hugh Broughton Architects.

Artistic Architecture (Design Stage)

Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Project - HENRY MOORE ARCHIVE UK Image

Moore’s semi-abstract bronze sculptures are iconic of the British modernism movement in the 20th century. Many drew inspiration from their surrounding landscape. In homage to the environmental-sensitivity of Moore’s work, Hugh Broughton Architects chose to not only focus on adapting existing buildings, but also to use materials which complemented both the project’s beautiful woodland background and Moore’s material palette.

The archive’s single-storey extension was clad in Corten steel Hook-on cassettes from BENCHMARK by Kingspan on both the walls and the mono-pitch roof. These weathered steel facade panels naturally oxidise to form a patina veneer, giving the façade a distinctive “rusted” look that shifts from a vibrant orange before settling to a dark red after several years of exposure to the elements.
The alloys within the material help to form secondary layers which are resistant to water ingress and help to limit further corrosion of the metal. As a result, it can be used in outdoor applications without the need for a protective paint layer, providing a highly durable and low maintenance cladding option that will continue to perform for many years.
The façade was completed with Corten Top Hats, specially fabricated for the project to ensure a seamless, professional finish redolent of the smooth finish of Moore’s sculptures.

Conserving Conditions (Design Stage)

Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Project - HENRY MOORE ARCHIVE UK Image
The Kingspan QuadCore™ Karrier System was specified alongside the cassettes to ensure the extension achieved the outstanding thermal performance required to create the right climate to care for the Foundation’s extensive collection of over 750,000 items.
Both PD5454:2012 (Guide for the storage and exhibition of archival materials) and PAS 198:2012 (Specification for managing environmental conditions for cultural collection) emphasise the importance of maintaining a stable, constant environment within storage spaces to prevent the rapid deterioration of archival materials.
Designed to support the façade, the factory-engineered building system incorporates high performance insulated panels that can achieve U-values as low as 0.08 W/m2∙K. Meanwhile, the unique castellated and symmetrical tongue and groove jointing ensures excellent air-tightness, reducing the demand on the facility’s controlled ventilation systems. 
This outstanding level of thermal performance is not only beneficial within the storage rooms, but it also helps to provide a comfortable, energy-efficient environment throughout the building, helping the Foundation to reduce its running costs.

Using the Right Tools (Build Stage)

Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Project - HENRY MOORE ARCHIVE UK Image
The Corten Hook-on cassettes were easily hooked onto the adjustable locating clips in the vertical millions directly fixed to the face of the QuadCore™ Karrier System. These clips are factory-fitted with rubber isolators to prevent rattling and wear on the cassette both during installation and after.
The building envelope was completed with a roof system comprising Kingspan Tile Support panels and Corten Hook-on cassettes. This combines the performance and ease of installation provided by typical insulated roof panel systems, with the aesthetic appeal of Corten.

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