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Grote Boel Gymnasium

A fantastic new gym designed and built using green Tapered, Shadow and Flat Dri-Design complements the nearby trees in the local community of Grote Boel, Netherlands

The Project

Since 2015, 850 new homes have been built on the Grote Boel development plan in the city of Oosterhout in the Netherlands. The construction of the housing and facilities is almost complete, the site boasts a new childcare centre with a primary school which hosts after-school care adjacent to a brand new gymnasium. The new gym is in  a class of its own and stands out in the development with the use of a  Dri-Design rainscreen facade.

Oosterhout, The Netherlands
Dri-Design Tapered, Shadow and Flat
Croonen Atchitecten, Nijmegen
Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Project - Grote Boel NL Image

Shades of Green

The new gym is located in the middle of the residential area and in-between two groups of trees. For the design of the building, Ralph von Zon from Croonen Architects was inspired by the foliage that populates the area.  
By executing the facade in Dri-Design cassettes from Kingspan, in three shades of green, not only a dynamic whole is created, but the tree groups are connected to each other through the facade. In addition, some of the green cassettes have been turned a little to further accentuate the play of the leaves. This integrates the gymnasium with its surroundings, making it more harmonious with the neighbourhood.  

Ralph von Zon, Croonen Architecten
Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Project - Grote Boel NL Image

Textures and Angles

It is a beautiful system, I  see a bright future for Dri-Design!

Edwin van Rooden, Acoma

Dri-Design Cassette Options

By varying the depth of the  Dri-Design cassettes a 3D effect can be created, added to this Tapered Cassettes can be placed in any direction with varying angles. 

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