2017_BENCHMARK_Shingle_QC Karrier_Gateshead_Energy_UK_2

Gateshead Energy

Zinc shingle contrasts with a vibrant purple at an innovative energy centre in Gatehead. A simple design that belies the complex machinery within the building, proving that utilitarian buildings needn't be ugly.

The Project

The newly built, award winning Gateshead Energy Centre opened in March 2017, and was built to provide power across the regions of Gateshead Quays and Gateshead town centre. The developers of the site were required to provide a sustainable and low carbon development, and therefore utilised the Kingspan Karrier system to provide the utmost thermal efficiency. The striking design comprises the use of our Shingle Rainscreen Facades which provide the beautiful zinc finish to this iconic structure.

Gradon Architecture
Shingle on Karrier Panel
2017_BENCHMARK_Shingle_QC Karrier_Gateshead_Energy_UK_2

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