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Astellas ARK

Designed with sustainability in mind, Astellas ARK project in Kilorglin Ireland limits the company's impact on the environment without compromising on design.

Astellas ARK, Ireland

The Project

Astellas Pharma’s pioneering philosophy is reflected at its Kilorglin manufacturing plant, with help from Kingspan.
Astellas Pharm Inc. is one of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies, producing a range of innovative and reliable life-saving treatments for patients around the globe. Recognising the need for expansion and the need to ensure the highest manufacturing standards, the decision was made to upgrade and extend the company’s Irish manufacturing plant in Kilorglin, Co. Kerry. Known as the Astellas ARK project, the building has been designed using sustainable principals, limiting the company's impact on the environment. 

Kilorglin, Ireland
Rainscreen Substructure:
QuadCore™ Karrier
Dri-Design Flat |Evolution
Building Owner:
Astellas Ireland Co. Ltd
DPS Group
Cladding Contractors:
S. R. S. Steel & Roofing Systems Ltd.

The Project

Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Project - ASTELLAS ARK IE Image

Known as the Astellas ARK project, the building has been designed using sustainable principles, limiting the company's impact on the environment. This led to the specification of a range of Kingspan solutions addressing both the thermal efficiency of the building envelope and onsite generation with a Kingspan Rooftop Solar PV array.

Curbing Tomorrow's Problems

Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Project - ASTELLAS ARK IE Image

As a global manufacturer, Astellas is committed to reducing its carbon emissions and acting in an environmentally-responsible way. To ensure the new building consistently performs efficiently and is thermally comfortable for its occupants, plans were drawn up using the EXEED (Excellence in Energy Efficiency Design) Design framework. Created by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), the program helps to establish a systematic approach to design, construction, and commissioning processes for energy-efficient investments and upgrades to existing assets.
QuadCore™ Karrier was selected as the rainscreen substrate, facilitating a fabric-first approach. This factory-engineered insulated panel system features an innovative hybrid insulation core with a closed microcell structure that can achieve U-values as low as 0.08 W/m2∙K.  Meanwhile, its unique castellated and symmetrical tongue and groove jointing achieves excellent air-tightness.

The whole rainscreen system has a low environmental impact, helping to achieve more points under LEED. Dri-Design aluminium cassettes have a high recycled content and are 100% recyclable themselves. Meanwhile, QuadCore™ Karrier panels are CFC, HCFC, HFC free and have a very low Global Warming Potential.
The energy efficiency of the building is taken to the next level with the inclusion of Kingspan Day-Lite Kapture Rooflights to maximise the amount of useful daylight in the warehouse and minimise energy demand from artificial lighting. Meanwhile, a 691m2 Kingspan Rooftop Solar PV System was also installed to offset electricity demand. To support all these measures, Kingspan provided detailed technical design support, including rooflight layout, wind-loading calculations and inverter specification.

“From the outset of the Astellas ARK building project, achieving high energy performance and minimising CO2 emissions were a key deliverable. The solar PV installation is a particularly important aspect in achieving this design goal, generating electricity for use onsite and reducing our emissions, underlining the Astellas’ commitment to sustainability.
We are very pleased with operational performance of the new facility and Kingspan’s commitment to delivering the highest standard of project possible.”

Colm Timmons (Facilities Engineering Manager) Astellas Ireland


The Colour of Innovation

Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Project - ASTELLAS ARK IE Image

The project also presented an opportunity to reconsider the facility’s visual identity. Inspired by the company’s ground-breaking work, the contemporary design of the new development showcases the latest thinking in facade design and construction approaches with a full through-wall cladding system from Kingspan Facades.

The majority of the new elevations have been clad with Dri-Design Flat aluminium cassettes and horizontally-laid Evolution panels in Pearl White. Arranged in a stack bond pattern with raised parapet walls, the clean lines and spotless shade echoes the scientific purpose of the facility. Superimposed against this smooth finish is a red curved detail created from versatile Dri-Design Flat cassettes surrounding a large area of glazing on the front of the building. This leads the eye to the entrance area, clad in the same bold, stimulating colour. The combination of red and white is not only redolent of the company’s branding but points towards its vision to “turn innovative science into value for patients.”

The facade is completed with specially-fabricated Tophats in the relevant colours, ensuring a seamless, professional finish.

Just What the Installer Ordered

Kingspan Architectural Facades Systems Project - ASTELLAS ARK IE Image

The Kingspan Dri-Design Facade system has been created with integrational products that facilitate a quick install without compromising on structural performance. 

Designed to support the facade, the lightweight QuadCore™ Karrier panels were easy to manually and mechanically lift into position and fix to the building frame. With factory-applied weather seals, this simple solution allows internal works to start whilst the facade is being installed, further reducing project time and therefore costs.

Dri-Design’s simple one-piece engineering and interlocking fixing method enabled the cladding to be installed quickly without the need for complex rail and bracket systems. A J-rail was fixed onto the panels, and the first Dri-Design cassette hooked on. Subsequent cassettes were then hooked into the neighbouring cassettes, and the next layer into the lower layers. As there is no need for tape or gaskets, the rainscreen is easy to maintain, with no risk of dirty streaks–a vital consideration on a white wall.

LEED-ing the Way

The completed project stands as testament to both Astellas commitment to sustainable manufacturing and Kingspan’s integrational offering. The excellent energy performance achieved using the EXEED Design principles and a selection of Kingspan’s high performance systems has helped it to be certified as LEED Gold.

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