Äänekoski Fire Station

Äänekoski Fire Station has benefited from a new and vibrant design using Evolution insulated panel in shimmering red and orange to simulate flames

The Project

Our Evolution insulated sandwich panels have been used in the facade of the Äänekoski fire station. The elements form the exterior wall structure of the facade and fix directly to the steel frame without additional external cladding. This is the first project in Finland to use these "second generation" Evolution panels, enabling more flexibility at the design stage.

Äänekoski Fire Station facilities needed updating to meet modern day requirements, specifically a need to allow space for a dirty to clean fire station concept, meaning that all exposure to flue gases and smoke will be left in the washroom immediately and not spread around the station.  

Location :
Äänekoski, Finland
Architect :
Pirkko Hilden
We chose this new material because it has good thermal insulation and is resistant to all weather conditions. The metal surface element structure is simple and does not absorb moisture
Pirkko Hildén - Architect
Arkkitehtipalvelu Oy

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