RG3 is a raised access floor system intended for general office use

RG3 is designed for general office use without heavy equipment. RG3 is fully tested to the requirements of the European Standard for raised access floors EN 12825. RG3 is available in standard and a screw-down Simploc variants.

  • Unique wrap-around steel encapsulation
  • FSC Certified 
  • High Density Particle Chipboard 
  • Loose lay system [screw down option avaiable]
  • EPD & HPD ceritifed  
  • EN13501:1 Bfl-s1 fire performance

Features of RG3 system

  • Simple panel removal and replacement
  • Airborne and impact damping qualities
  • Floor height from 60mm to 1200mm using standard pedestals
  • Creation of underfloor plenum
KAF_UK_Case Study_Hanover House_Manchester_Internal_Flooring_014

Product Information

RG3 Datasheet

RG3 Environmental Product Declaration

Technical Information

  • Solid underfoot performance
  • Allows quick and easy access to the floor void
  • Effective sound inhibiting performance
  • Fire inhibition properties
  • Flexibility of floor heights up to 1200mm
  • Aids air circulation, distribution and management
Ultimate load§ in excess of 8kN

§ Working load = ultimate load / chosen safety factor. There are two classes of safety factor either 2 or 3.

Reaction EN13501:1 Bfl-s1
Resistance REl60r
  Europed Pedestals Alpha V Pedestals
Airborne Insulation Dn,f,w (C;Ctr) 42 dB 44 dB
Impact Insulation Ln,f,w (Cl)     71 dB 67 dB
Thickness 31mm Nominal
System Weight 31kg/m2 Nominal
Panel Size 600mm x 600mm
Core Material 30mm high density particle board
Category Loose lay

† 600 x 900 panels available for perimeter detailing.
The classifications given are based on the use of the Kingspan range of pedestals.



Recommended for additional lateral stability in the following applications:

  • < 610mm void heights: clip-on stringer system
  • > 610mm void heights: screw-down stringer system

Simploc Screw Down

This system is available with pre-drilled holes allowing the panels to be screwed down to the pedestals whilst still allowing full access.

Underfloor Plenum

This system can be supplied with neoprene gaskets to minimise air loss through the raised floor surface from the underfloor plenum to aid air circulation, distribution and management.

KAF_RG3_Pedestal Option_UK_ROW

Steel pedestals* are coated with an environmentally-friendly clear passivation.


For voids between 16 to 349mm

Alpha V

For voids between 350 to 610mm

Alpha III

For voids >610mm

Pedestal Adhesive

Standard or Acoustic pedestal adhesives available.
Floor void heights from 16mm to 1200mm are available using standard pedestals. For heights outside of this range alternative pedestals are available.

*Pivot-head adaptors and Nickel plated pedestals avaliable upon request.

Our RG range of steel encapsulated systems are manufactured in Hull, UK and therefore benefit from the ISO and FSC accreditations attained at this factory.


Planet Passionate
Planet Passionate
Through our new Planet Passionate 10-year groupwide sustainability programme, we aim to make significant advances in the sustainability of our business and of our products.