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29 June 2020 Kingspan Light + Air UK

One of the things we have missed most during lockdown has been the chance to go out and socialise. Boris Johnson’s announcement that restaurants and pubs can reopen on 4th July is widely welcomed, but many businesses will be wondering how they can observe the ‘one metre plus’ guidance and still get enough customers to make ends meet. 

Working in collaboration with Edinburgh based architects GRAS and interior design studio STOREY&CO, Kingspan Light + Air has developed a prototype product that could allow cafes, bars and restaurants to welcome customers back through their doors again safely, compliantly and in sufficient numbers to keep their business viable. Acting as a screen, this simple, flexible solution potentially allows safe social distancing without needing a full 2m gap between customers, or making people feel disconnected from their surroundings. 

The concept uses sheets of polycarbonate, a tough, lightweight material with excellent light transmission. Designed as a full height concertina screen or neat table-top divider, the partition can be used to create safe booths without closing down the feeling of light and space within a room or necessitating empty tables to maintain public health and safety.

Kingspan Light + Air’s UK & Ireland Managing Director, Alex Cooke, explained:

Our business is all about maximising natural light and air quality in buildings. We are used to finding innovative solutions for our clients in the construction industry, and we have been trying to think of different ways we could support other businesses through the current situation. If the materials we produce can also help people get back on their feet, and maybe even achieve some normality, that’s fantastic!
Gunnar Groves-Raines from GRAS added:
We’ve really enjoyed the explorative process and are keen to help bring this exciting and versatile solution to market. We’ve had positive feedback so far and following some further testing and refinement we’re confident that, in partnership with Kingspan Light + Air, we can provide customers with a high quality and cost-effective range of products.
Polycarbonate is easy to handle, hygienic and can be disinfected with standard cleaning products. It is highly impact resistant, making it an ideal material for public areas. The contemporary designs created by GRAS turn this practical product into a stylish solution, so businesses can prioritise public health and safety without compromising on aesthetics.

The potential applications go beyond the hospitality industry. As more people begin returning to their normal working arrangements, workplaces of all kinds will need to make adjustments to ensure that employees are protected.  Polycarbonate screens could provide a flexible solution for businesses looking to create a safe and pleasant environment for their staff to return to.

Available in standard 6m lengths, the basic polycarbonate panels can be sourced directly from Kingspan and can be pre-cut to any size from 0.8 – 5m - Contact our team via to find out more.

You can also order the fully assembled screens and dividers directly from Polystore at 

Polycarbonate Panels used in a Restaurant Polycarbonate Panels used in a Restaurant

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