Kingspan Day Lite Kapture Skylight Announced as Award Winner at 2020 Architizer A+ Awards

14 September 2020 Kingspan Light + Air
KLA_2020_Architizer_Award_Winner, the largest online community of architects globally host the annual A+ Awards which offers the public an opportunity to vote for their favourite projects and products across a wide range of categories. With over 40,000 votes in this years awards, Kingspan Light + Air is honoured to be awarded first place in the Windows & Skylights category for our innovative Day-Lite Skylight.

Conceived by a former architectural engineer, the Kingspan Day-Lite Kapture Skylight was developed to deliver increased levels of natural light whilst helping to create buildings that are energy efficient and optimise user comfort. 

Its unique, contoured dome design is devised to capture enhanced levels of daylight, even at low sun angles. This allows required light levels to be met via natural sources for longer periods than with standard rooflights. In addition to reducing demand for artificial lighting, it also acts to illuminate spaces for longer creating a more pleasant interior environment.

The triple-glazed polycarbonate glazing contains layers of advanced, nano-prismatic technology which achieve 100% light diffusion and exceptional light transmission of between 81% and 83%. The glazing is UV resistant and its composition eliminates glare and hot spots, reducing heat gains and the need for mechanical cooling.  


All of these elements position the Kapture as an excellent daylighting option for projects aspiring towards achieving a sustainability accreditation such as BREEAM or LEED.



The Kapture is also available as a vented, opening skylight combining exceptional daylighting benefits with natural ventilation and smoke extraction in a single, space saving-rooftop solution. Regional profile variations are also under development so they can meet specific climate requirements.


Dr. Miguel Paya-Marin, Head of Sustainability Innovation Management at Kingspan Light + Air says,
”Congratulations to the architects and manufacturers that achieved a position in this years Architizer A+Awards. The awards exemplify excellence across the industry and Kingspan Light + Air are honoured to have been awarded first place in the Windows and Skylights category for our innovative Day-Lite Kapture Skylight”.