Fire Safety in Insulation

Kingspan's Commitment to Insulation Fire Safety and Performance

Kingspan is the world's largest manufacturer of insulated building products, offering a full spectrum of insulation cores from traditional mineral fibre to advanced technologies, providing solutions to meet all regulatory requirements.

Committed to delivering high-performance, innovative building solutions that are underpinned by extensive fire testing, including large-scale system testing, Kingspan has carried out over 2,000 fire tests, to national, international and insurance industry standards, across its full range of insulated panel, rainscreen facade and insulation board products and systems.

As part of an ongoing commitment to fire safety and product development, Kingspan has invested in a state-of-the-art global facility dedicated to fire engineering research. Offering a comprehensive resource of fire science equipment and expertise, its mission is to advance knowledge and understanding of how building materials, products and complete systems perform when subjected to fire. Based in North Wales, the centre will be open to visitors and will welcome research partnerships and collaboration from across industry and academia.


Kingspan Insulation Fire Testing

Kingspan's high-performance PIR, QuadCore® and Kooltherm® insulated building products undergo multiple tests to determine their fire performance. These tests fall into two key categories: reaction to fire and fire resistance, which align with the stages of fire development.

This video explains these core concepts and why a high level of performance across both elements is important for assessing fire safety in building products and cladding applications.

Understanding Fire Development and Fire Performance in Insulation

Kingspan Fire Performance CPDs

We believe large-scale system tests are the most appropriate way to assess the performance of complete systems in real fires. Kingspan offers a suite of solutions that have met the rigorous requirements of BR 135 in large-scale BS 8414 tests. See the full list of Kingspan BS 8414 tested systems here.

In addition, Kingspan's PIR and QuadCore® insulated panel systems are approved to insurance industry standards, underpinned by large-scale fire tests, and are proven to protect against fire spread in independently-researched real fire case studies.

Register for one of the below CPDs to learn more about the fire performance of our insulation board products and insulated panel systems and the rigorous testing regimes that underpin them. 

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