Insulated Sectional Door Components

A grey sectional overhead door consisting of insulated panels and hardware from Kingspan Door Components.

High-quality components for durable sectional doors.

Kingspan Door Components offers a vast range of products and services for sectional doors. Thanks to our excellent customer service and technical follow-up, you are in good hands. Guaranteed!

Insulated panels for doors

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High-quality components for durable sectional doors.

Kingspan Coil Stock

Overview of available colours and coatings and expected delivery times.

Hoesch Coil Stock

Overview of available colours and coatings and expected delivery times.

Technical Brochure Kingspan & Hoesch

Download the Technical Brochure of the Kingspan Insulated Sectional Door Systems and Hoesch Door Elements here.

Hardware systems

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Residential hardware

Overview of hardware systems for residential garage doors.

Product performance


Kingspan door components are specifically designed to support the thermal performance of the building envelope.
  • Up to 22% higher thermal performance (U-value)
  • Up to 25% thinner panel for the same thermal values!
  • Air leakage classification class 4
  • No risk of thermal bridges
  • High-quality polythermalyne profiles and fittings in paraffin
By replacing highly conductive materials such as steel and aluminium with polythermalyne profiles and paraffin fittings, Kingspan reduces the risk of thermal bridges and temperature loss. The lateral point has been redesigned to avoid air leakage and thermal bridges on the door frame.


The Kingspan IPN FIREsafe® Technology guarantees a new level of fire safety. In this way we contribute to the protection of people, property and goods.
  • Unique Kingspan rigid foam solution
  • Superior fire safety performances
  • Low smoke development
  • Protective carbon layer (through charring)


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You will also find an online "Door Build" configurator to calculate all panel and hardware components.
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