Technopolis Nova

Karrier Panel + Ceramic Tiles

Project Highlights

The Technopolis Nova office building was opened in 2021. The area of over 26,000 m2 was designed by Tumas Mazuras and Egle Olisauskyte according to the concept of the Finnish architect Jari Lonka.

The design idea of the project was to create a sense of flow of the people in all common areas. That is why the ground floor is open to the general public. The style of the interior was inspired by Scandinavian simplicity, natural materials and rational simplicity. On the ground floor of the LEED Gold certified, A+ energy class building there is a café, MIN Food court, conference center as well as a cozy room for relaxing and meditating.

The second floor of the building is intended for smaller offices with a common infrastructure. The tenants of this floor will share a cozy kitchen, modern meeting rooms and other spaces for gathering or meetings. There will also be a sports area for Nova tenants, with regular group activities.

Karrier + Ceramic Tiles
4400 m2
Vilnius, Liettua
UAB Unitectus
UAB Technopolis Ozas
We were looking for a façade solution that will provide great aesthetics as well as durability

The Challenge:

The Key challenge when designing facades of the Nova building was to use different types of cladding with various colours and textures and at the same time comply with A+ energy class. That is why it was essential to have a high performance load bearing insulation panel that will be suitable even for the heaviest of claddings (such as ceramic tiles), easy and fast to install and at the same time A+ energy class compliant. Kingspan Karrier  Panel NF with thickness 200 mm was the best solution to meet those challenges.


The Result:

The ceramic cladding adds a sense of style to the whole building. The tiles look very stylish and effortless. Yet, the key component of the façade – the Karrier panel is hidden behind the façade. Karrier is not about the look. Karrier is about durability and speed. It works with actually any cladding available.
The entire facade system was extremely simple to assemble, just like the LEGO bricks - said Tumas Mazūras,  from "Unitectus UAB" architect office

Interview with Architect: Unitectus UAB, Tumas Mazūras

1. Why you have choosen Kingspan Karrier system in your project?

TM: We were looking for a facade solution that will provide great look and aesthetics as well as durability. We wanted a versatile facade system that would let us use various colours and textures of cladding. It was essential that the product will have high energy class and certification. Excellent fire performance was also of highest importance to us. Kingspan Karrier system has successfully met all these requirements and expectations. We were also delighted by the simplicity of the system.

2. Were there any specific requirements or product features of Karrier panel that has influenced your decision to use this system in the project?

TM: We chose Karrier system because of its load bearing capacity. In case of other sandwich panel systems, the load bearing capacity was much lower compared to Karrier. It would be impossible to use a ceramic tiles which are a relatively heavy. In case of Karrier, ceramic tiles cladding can be assembled using a special profile system. Karrier has also met the requirements of thermal and fire safety performance.

3. What is your opinion about cooperation with Kingspan during this project?

TM: We have established a very open and friendly business relationship with Kingspan team.

4. What do you think about the final result. Did Karrier meet your expectations?

TM: The final results met our expectations, or even exceeded them. There were no claims by the builders as the entire facade was extremely simple to assemble, just like the LEGO bricks with each element lying in its place. While we only see the façade cladding on the outside and only the gypsum board on the inside, but experts know that reliable, high performance thermal insulation is installed between these two finishes.


​Product Information

Karrier is a proven, factory engineered insulated wall panel, designed and tested to carry the load of external cladding. Can be installed with almost any type of external cladding solution available on the market including: HPL, ACM, Fibercement, Ceramic, Mesh or prefabricated aluminium cassettes.

Karrier Panel can be installed in virtually any weather conditions. Available with QuadCore insulation core that provides excellent thermal and fire performance.

  • Total wall solutions

  • With excellent thermal as well as fire performance, it is a modern alternative to traditional multi-component facades systems

  • Karrier is about speed and simplicity. Can be installed in all weather conditions

  • Both vertically and horizontally

  • Thanks to its excellent load bearing capabilities can be installed with virtually any external cladding available