Singapore Green Building Council gives Kingspan the tick of approval

11 February 2019 Kingspan Insulation Asia
Kingspan Insulation’s AIR-CELL products Insulbreak FR, Retroshield, and Insuliner have all been given the tick of approval under the Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) Scheme.

The three flexible insulation products were assessed on their performance in order to receiving the approval which included testing in a number of areas including energy efficiency, water efficiency, resource efficiency, health & environmental protection, and other  sustainable features.

Each product was rated in accordance to the criteria set by the SGBP Scheme. The ratings range from zero to four ticks of approval. The Kingspan Insulation products were all awarded two ticks for a ‘Very Good’ standing.

The SGBP Scheme is a certification scheme designed to evaluate and benchmark products in the industry for their notable qualities.
Regarded as one of the key standard and benchmarks for green building products in the building and construction industry, the SGBP Scheme is recognised under the Green Mark Scheme, Singapore’s national green building rating tool administered by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

“Kingspan Insulation prides itself on its ability to provide energy efficient products with great thermal performance. Scheme’s like the SGBP allow us to communicate that to our customers, and show our commitment to building a better built environment” commented  Singapore based Regional Sales Manager, Chris Johnston.

“To build energy efficient buildings it is vital you use products that are able to provide the results you need. The SGBP Scheme makes it easier to find and compare these products and select the best fit for your needs”

The SGBP certification is just one of the many ways Kingspan Insulation has shown its commitment to the Green Building movement in the South East Asia market. Kingspan Insulation work closely with Green Buildings Councils across the region and holds memberships in Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.  

Kingspan Insulation now boasts five local staff members located in each of the membership countries to aid in promoting the message of energy efficiency in the building industry.  

Kingspan Insulation recently held their second Annual Distributor Seminar in Bangkok, Thailand after its successful debut in Singapore the previous year.

Wenyi Chew from the Green Building Council of Singapore was invited as a guest speaker to discuss the green building development journey and green product certification alongside Kingspan Insulation and the other divisions of the Kingspan Group.

“Our commitment to a better built environment through the promotion of energy efficient building products is close to our hearts and we continue to rally for an improvement in this area through the Asia region” concluded Johnston.

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