Kingspan Digital Academy is back with a bang!

13 April 2021 Kingspan Insulation Asia

At Kingspan, our vision is to be the market leader in innovative, safe and environmentally sustainable high performance insulation. As part of this vision, we are actively innovating and introducing new products and features into the market all the time.

To start off the year of the Ox, we are also pleased to introduce some new features to the Kingspan Digital Academy.

Kingspan Digital Academy certificate

Kingspan Digital Academy Certificate

We are now issuing Kingspan Digital Academy certificates of completion for those people who register and take part in our educational webinars.

To receive your certificate simply complete the following:
  • Register and take part in a Kingspan Digital Academy webinar
  • Complete the post webinar survey that is sent out after the event finishes
  • 1 week later you will receive your certificate.

Mentimeter Quiz Competitions

One of the most common types of feedback we used to get in the early days of running the program was about the lack of interactivity.

The issue is that when running webinars with several hundred people, it is important to keep the flow of the presentation running and uninterrupted. Hence it’s not possible to have the viewers join with their cameras and mics on. However, not to worry! We have it covered.

This year we are very excited to be running a truly interactive webinar experience. The usual live Q&A will still run throughout the live sessions, but now we have also introduced the Mentimeter interactivity experience. During the webinar you will be actively called upon to participate and give your inputs through;
  • Responding to open questions such as key word surveys
  • Taking part in a quiz competition with the winner who scores the most points announced at the end!
Mentimeter combine

Preparing for your Kingspan Digital Academy Interactive Webinar Experience

To get the most of attending our webinars, we suggest joining the event prepared. Simply follow these easy steps before the webinar to get the best out of your experience:
  1. Go to the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) and install the “Mentimeter App”. Otherwise, make sure to  have your phone ready and browser open on the web page
  2. During the webinar keep your phone on hand and enter the code shown at the top of the screen. This will bring you to the live Mentimeter event page
  3. During the webinar keep an eye on your phone as various questions and quizzes will appear throughout
  4. Simply follow the instructions on screen and enter your answers as fast as you can!

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