How to Specify Insulation

6 May 2020 Kingspan Insulation Asia

When it comes to insulation there are so many types available on the market. How does one choose which insulation to use from the huge selection of materials available?

In this course, we take a look at the art of specification. With access to a global library of so many different materials, products and brands it can be very confusing as to what insulation is best for your building design. 

Manufacturers datasheets and specification guides don't all follow the same conformity when listing technical specifications for their products. So how do you compare and contrast the different types of insulation? What matters and what doesn't?

In this course we train the attendees how to look past the marketing and shiny brochures and focus on what characteristics are most important for specifiers to focus on in order to choose the most appropriate material for their designs. Once you know what's important and what's not, you will be able to compare "apples to apples" and select the best material for the job.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the most important characteristics and properties of insulation that will have the greatest effect on your design outcome
  • Understand the importance of fire behaviour, thermal performance, aged v non-aged testing and open cell v closed cell materials
  • Know how to read manufacturers datasheets and brochures to identify the critical characteristics of the material
  • Be able to compare, contrast and assess the different types of insulation
  • Be able to confidently specify the most appropriate type of insulation for your project