An open letter from the Director

13 April 2021 Kingspan Insulation Asia

Welcome to the first Kingspan Digital Academy Newsletter of 2021! My name is Chris Johnston, and I am the Founder and Director of the Kingspan Digital Academy initiative for the Asia region.

In January, when COVID-19 was so little-known, people were still going about their daily routines of working, studying and playing. However, today, there are new norms, such as home offices, virtual meetups and wearing a mask out in public. The way that my team and I work has also completely changed and settled into a new normal. Usually, I was to be found, spinner suitcase in tow, running around airports across the region as I travelled and visited my customers and staff. Not anymore.
Since we are no longer able to travel, a change in the way we work was inevitable. The Kingspan Digital Academy initiative was born out of necessity with a mission in mind:

  • Create a new way to keep communicating with our customers and stakeholders.
  • Keep our existing relationship with customers and stakeholders strong and develop new ones.
  • Use the vast knowledge of the insulation experts at Kingspan Insulation to share our knowledge to the industry.
  • Promote our “Planet Passionate” vision of a future where we aim to impact the three biggest global issues: Climate Change, Circularity and Protection of the Natural World.
  • Support clients working on the design and construction of sustainable buildings.
  • Create a virtual webinar program free of sales and marketing filler that is interesting, educational, and inspirational. Something that people in the construction industry look forward to attending every month.
Kingspan Digital Academy

Since starting in June 2020, we have presented more than 10 webinars to more than a thousand people up to the end of last year.

I would personally like to thank all of you  for the support and for attending our webinars. A big thank you to those people who also took the time to complete our post webinar surveys. Nobody likes doing these things, but for those that did, your responses have been invaluable and helped us to make many improvements to the program. As a result I am expecting this years series to be better than ever.

We listened to your feedback and have made some big changes such as adding more interactivity as well as offering a much wider range of topics on our shows.We have expanded the scope of the topics that we are presenting and I have enlisted the help and expertise of the people working in the various fields of the construction industry. As a result we now have a much more interesting and rounded program of educational shows.

The core mission remains the same: create a virtual webinar program free of sales and marketing filler that is interesting, educational, and inspirational. Something that people in the construction industry look forward to attending every month.

I am looking forward to bringing you some great episodes this year on an interesting range of topics. For each topic, we have invited on guest speakers from the industry so that you can benefit from their deep knowledge and expertise.. You can look forward to many more interesting episodes to come! I look forward to see you there!

Kingspan Digital Academy Topics 2021

  • Design Approach for Natural Smoke and Heat Ventilation and Fire Safety in General
  • ​Green Building Journey – Advancing Net Zero/ Super Low Energy Building
  • Technical Insulation Part 1 - Specifying Cryogenic Insulation
  • Designing Built Up Roof Systems - Waterproofing & Insulation
  • Desiging and Specifying Green Roof Systems
  • Singapore Green Building Product Certification Scheme
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Panel Systems
  • Technical Insulation Part 2 - Spray Foam Insulation Systems for Thermal & Acoustic Applications
  • Insulation for Cold Store Applications
  • Sustainable Design of Data Centers
  • Water Solutions For Growing Cities
  • Technical Insulation Part 3 - Specifying Insulation for HVAC Applications
  • Data Centers Building Design Optimization
  • Sustainability in the Built Environment
  • Insulating Pitched Roofs on Manufacturing Facilities & Warehouses
  • Designing and Building Efficient Cleanrooms
  • High Performance Built-Up Roof Systems for Sustainable Buildings
  • Preventing Condensation & Mold in Buildings by Specifying Insulation
  • Insulation 101 – The Science Behind Insulation & the Most Commonly Used Materials
  • Specifying Pre-Insulated Ductwork Systems
  • Circular Economy and the Built Environment

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