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As a leading manufacturer who pride themselves on the high quality of their products, Thanh Phu Plastic Packaging Co. wanted to look beyond traditional insulation when building their new factory in Long An province.

Product :
Insulbreak FR
Commercial Warehouse Metal Roof
AIR-CELL Insulbreak FR
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Moving away from the commonly used bubble insulation found in many buildings across Asia, Thanh Phu opted for a higher quality product to ensure their building was receiving the best in thermal performance and safety.

Creating an environment that would enable the business to continue manufacturing high-quality products required a fibre-free solution, with a high fire safety rating.  

Thanh Phu had previously used flexible bubble insulation in their factories but were looking to progress to a higher performing option that would give them higher thermal performance and increased fire safety.
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The Kingspan AIR-CELL Insulbreak FR was able to meet all the requirements and was selected as the perfect solution for the factory roof.  

AIR-CELL Insulbreak FR is an all-in-one flexible, reflective foam insulation built with two sides of reinforced reflective aluminium foil facings, and high performance closed-cell foam.

Kingspan Insulation’s Technical Services team were able to provide a thermal performance calculation for the application, determining the R-Value of the system before its installation.
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The AIR-CELL Insulbreak FR 4mm was installed under a Bluescope metal roof with 0.5mm profile cladding achieving an R-Value of R2.0.

The flexible insulation is capable of reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat and works as a vapour barrier. Its resistance to all forms of heat flow gave the factory the potential to save on energy costs, as well as a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions contributing to a more sustainable factory.

On top of providing a high performing product, Kingspan Insulation also offer a comprehensive technical services offering that includes a 15 year Project Specific Warranty.  The warranty covers the insulation in its specific application for the project and guarantees it’s performance for years to come.

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“Kingspan Insulation’s Project Specific Warranty is a unique offering that provides our customers with long lasting satisfaction and confirmation that the product will sustain its performance for years to come” commented Specification Business Development Manager, Nguyen Thi My Hanh.  

“With that offering comes our Technical Services team who can provide on-going support throughout the entire project process. The Kingspan Technical Services team are available to discuss projects, applications, insulation solutions, and perform calculations for any type of project. It isn’t a service that you come across all that often”, concluded Nguyen.

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