AUS FB Roof System numbers

FoilBack Roof System (KS1000 FB)

Comprising a range of gutters, safety systems, light solutions and specialist fabrications the foilback system offers exceptional design versatility and integration where a prefinished steel internal liner is not required. 

1. Superior PIR insulation core
2. Compatible daylighting & fabrications
3. High performance coatings 
4. Optional Rooftop Solar PV integration
5. Integrated insulated gutters providing complete thermal envelope
6. Complete air and water tight system


AUS Foilback Profile Roof No Dimensions

System Accessories

Technical Details

Product Features KS1000 FB

Profile Trapezoidal
Fixing Detail Through- fix
Metal type Steel
Application Pitched roof of 4 degrees or more after deflection 
Lengths From 2m to 13.7m
Cover Width 1000mm
Product Compatibility      Integrates with Day-Lite Trapezoidal, Kingspan Safety solutions and Kingspan Roof Mounted PV system

AUS Foilback Profile Roof Dimensions

The R-values / U-values have been calculated using the method required by the appropriate National Building Regulations.

Core Thickness (mm)

Overall Thickness (mm)

R-Value (m2K/W)

U-Value (w/m2K)

Weight (kg/m2

*This is a summer (down) condition for a low roof sloped commercial building. Where there is a suspended ceiling below this can be inceased to R=3.65 down. Winter (up) conditions in both cases are less.

Product Information

AUS Standard Colours
Global Green Tag_Plus_Level A_Gold_Cert TM_I_RGB
 Kingspan Foilback Roof Panels have achieved a GreenTagCert™ Gold Plus certification with a GreenRate® Level A.
In recognition of the many different demands that are placed on construction professionals today, Kingspan Insulated Panels guarantees not just one aspect of its products but all of the key performance areas.

Kingspan guarantees the coating, structural, durability and thermal performance of a product. 

Kingspan Foilback Roof panels are guaranteed for up to 25 years.

Kingspan Foilback Roof Systems KS1000 FB Datasheet

Kingspan Foilback Roof Systems KS1000 FB CAD Detail DWG

Kingspan Foilback Roof Systems KS1000 FB CAD Detail PDF

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