Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport’s eastern terminal extension has been adorned with BENCHMARK Kreate and Evolution panels to give it a striking new exterior.

The Project

Edinburgh Airport’s eastern terminal extension has been adorned with BENCHMARK Kreate and Evolution panels to give it a striking new exterior. The new 500m2  BENCHMARK Kreate façade blends well with the 1970s architecture of the original building.

Edinburgh, UK

Technical Solutions

This project presented some major challenges for Kingspan’s technical team. The design brief required a concave curve to be built from flat panels. It was important for this curve to be smooth and to adhere to the architect’s vision. After some initial consideration, Kingspan’s BENCHMARK technical team provided a solution. The vertical panel joint to the liner of every panel is opened up slightly to form a facet. The panels are fixed back to the horizontal curved steel supports using short lengths of angle. This provides adjustment to give the appearance of a smooth curve.


Super Flexibility

Kingspan’s revolutionary BENCHMARK Kreate system is the first truly integrated metallic façade system available on the market. This particular product combines seamless aluminium cassette facades with insulated panel technology, producing a single component that offers almost limitless design capability. As a truly integrated façade system, this product unites all the benefits of traditional façades and insulated panels to create a sole revolutionary and innovative system.


Property and Business Protection

The BENCHMARK Evolution and Kreate panels installed on this project are LPCB approved, offering complete business and property protection. These products are widely recognised by investors, property insurers, designers and contractors for their superior fire performance.


Creative Ideas

BENCHMARK Kreate offers ultimate architectural design flexibility. An infinite range of panel lengths, widths, core thicknesses, cassette sizes, cassette arrangements and colour options can be incorporated into any design. The panels can also be installed vertically or horizontally to suit the requirements of the design brief. With a wide variety of finishes available, and complete freedom in terms of colour, each individual cassette on the same panel can be finished in a different post-powder coating and in a BS or RAL colour of your choice.


Faster Construction

BENCHMARK Kreate is a single-component, in-built factory assembled quality panel. With the aid of mechanical lifting equipment the speed of construction can be drastically increased through a single-fix installation process. This rapid speed of installation can help to reduce the risk of accidents, as less time is spent working at height.


Future Proofed

The integration of cassettes with the insulated panel reinforces the structure of the cassettes to create a truly durable system. This extra strength means that larger cassette sizes of up to 3800mm x 1174mm can easily be achieved. The use of the BENCHMARK Kreate system allowed rounded corners to be introduced into the design. These replace traditional angular corners usually found on cassettes and provide a smooth, contoured finish. Rounded effects can also be achieved through BENCHMARK Evolution panels. Pre-formed corners and curved panels can be created to provide an aesthetically pleasing solution.


Sustainable Building Solutions

Creating an energy efficient airport terminal which would be able to accommodate the predicted growth in tourism was a key requirement for this project. Benchmark Evolution panels were chosen to assist Edinburgh Airport in reaching this goal. These panels are an environmentally sustainable panel system which can achieve a Green Guide ‘A+’ rating.