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Centenary Hospital

Kingspan BENCHMARK Evolution Axis panels were chosen for the Centenary Hospital project due to their superior thermal performance and stunning aesthetics

The 8.4 metre long panel modules created a strong horizontal banding effect…they also require fewer supporting purlins and can be faster to install.
 Peter Burns
BVN Architecture

The Project

Located in Canberra, the Centenary Hospital For Women and Children is home to a wide range of public health services, including maternity, maternal and foetal medicine, gynaecology, neonatal intensive care and paediatrics. The BENCHMARK range of Façade and Roof Systems allows architects and designers to meet their clients’ expectations while providing contemporary and creative buildings, such as the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children.

Canberra, Australia
BENCHMARK Evolution Axis
Copper Penny
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Technical Details

BENCHMARK Evolution Axis is a highly streamlined, sleek and un-profiled insulated panel system. This creates a minimalist façade effect on buildings with large flat surface areas. The three storey hospital required BENCHMARK Evolution Axis panels in widths of 600mm and 900mm, providing an R-value of 2.65. Kingspan’s technical team worked closely with architects BVN Architecture to achieve this vision.

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Architecturally Stunning

Coated in the colour Copper Penny, the BENCHMARK Evolution Axis panels are reminiscent of the natural hues from the surrounding landscape. The panels respond to the sun’s movements throughout the day, and vary in colour accordingly. The different tones produced are quite captivating and create a striking aesthetic.

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Fire Safety

Since this hospital can house large numbers of patients and visitors, it was important for the building envelope to have significant fire safety measures. BENCHMARK Evolution Axis panels are LPCB, LPS 1181 certified insurer approved Firesafe systems and deliver certainty of performance and insurability.

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Speed of Construction

The use of BENCHMARK Evolution Axis panels significantly increased the speed of construction for this project. The panels are single component panels which are assembled off-site. These can then be installed through a single fix installation process, which considerably quickens the construction process.

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