Top Hats

Top Hats

System Overview


Product Details

Kingspan manufactures a range of bespoke top hats designed to complement the insulated wall panel systems. 

With steel and aluminium options and lengths of up to 3m in steel and 6m for aluminium, top hats provide the finishing touches to your wall system.
1. Manufactured from high-quality steel and aluminium.
2. Available in lengths of up to 6m (aluminium).
3. Quick and efficient to install.
5. Designed to compliment Kingspan wall panel range. 
7. Coordinated delivery with Kingspan panel order.
8. Guaranteed for up to 25 years.

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System Accessories & Services

Dedicated Technical Support is availalable throughout the building cycle, pre- and post manufacture.
Contact us for complimentary services including: U Value/ Condensation risk calculation, project specifications, bespoke construction details, advice on fire & accoustic performance, panel spans, fastener calculations and Installation Training.

Technical details

Available Lengths

Top hats are available in lengths up to 3m for steel and 6m for aluminium. For further information, please contact our Technical Services Department.


Tophats are available for Architectural Wall Panel (AWP) and Trapezoidal wall insulated panels. All top hats are suitable for vertical applications, whilst our rubber gasket option is also suited to horizontal applications.

Compatibility with Insulated Wall Panels

Material Description/ Options AWP Trapezoidal
Steel Flush steel insert
Aluminium    Extruded top hat with either a recessed or flush aluminium insert, or fitted with a rubber gasket infill
AUS Standard Colours