Highline Gutters

System Overview

Trapezoidal_Roof_Highline Gutter_Render_RW_Aus

Product Highlights

Our highline gutter systems come with a full gutter design package, specifying all technical data to ensure project requirements are met. 

1. Manufactured from high-quality steel.
2. Available in lengths of up to 6m.
3. Quick and efficient to install.
4. Gutter components and rainwater goods available.
5. Available in a range of corrosive-resistant finishes.
6. Colour matched to insulated panel.
7. Lead time as short as 7 working days. 
8. Coordinated delivery with Kingspan panel order.
9. Guaranteed for up to 20 years.

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System Design & Services

We manufacture and support the complete roof system including construction details for all accessories (see cad details below). Contact us for complimentary services including:Project specific NBS Specifications, advice on fire & accoustic performance, bespoke construction details, u-value / condensation risk calculation, panel spans, fastener & roof drainage calculations, optimised lighting designs. 
AUS RW Roof System

Technical Details

Lightweight pre-coated steel guttering is available in lengths up to 6m and is supplied in a corrosion-resistant range of finishes.

For any additional information including longer lengths, please contact Kingspan Technical

AUS Standard Colours
In recognition of the many different demands that are placed on construction professionals today, Kingspan Insulated Panels guarantees not just one aspect of its products but all of the key performance areas.

Kingspan guarantees the coating, structural, durability and thermal performance of a product. 

Kingspan highline gutters are guaranteed for up to 20 years.