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Armadale Fitness & Aquatic Centre

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The Project

The new health and wellbeing facility opened on 11th March 2019 and caters for a wide range of activities year-round. It is the first of its kind in the Armadale area.
The fully integrated $26 million government funded project boasts an array of recreational activities including a state of the art gym, two group fitness studios, a creche, five pools and a café.

Perth, Western Australia
Architect :
Donovan Payne Architects
Ductwork Contractor:
Master Duct
Pre-insulated Ductwork
Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the pools are heated using a geothermal bore as opposed to the more traditional gas boiler. The geothermal bore is located 1km underground and extracts the heat from the warm bore water to provide heating for the pools. This practice is expected to save an estimated $500,000 per year on gas costs and is 27 times more efficient than a gas boiler.
Kingspan’s KoolDuct system was used to enhance the energy efficiency of the building when it came to heating and cooling the facility. With the ability to reduce air leakage by up to 80%, the KoolDuct system was able to provide an energy efficient alternative to metal sheet ductwork.
“Aquatic facilities often provide a challenging environment when it comes to specifying ductwork due to the relatively high humidity. Mineral fibre insulants are rarely suitable due to their short term resistance to moisture”, commented Killian Smith, Kingspan Insulation’s Technical Services Manager.
“That’s where Kingspan’s KoolDuct is superior. It provides the best solution for the humid condition. KoolDuct’s closed cell structure allows it to have a high thermal performance whilst still having a high resistance to moisture”.
Kingspan’s KoolDuct’s 90% closed cell structure phenolic insulation panels and resistance to moisture allows them to provide high thermal performance over an extended period of time. The light weight panels that make up Kingspan’s KoolDuct system are odourless, resistant to mould and fungus, and fibre free contributing to a healthy air-quality.
“Our pre-insulated ductwork is available up to R2.0 and provides a lightweight alternative to more traditional metal sheeting, resulting in a faster installation time and higher performance. It is a popular choice across the globe when it comes to ducting”, concluded Smith.
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