Decontamination Unit

Decontaminating material quickly and safely

The safety of every employee, client or supplier is your priority more than ever. That's why we developed a decontamination unit in collaboration with Oxy'Pharm.

This unit makes it possible to decontaminate material in bulk quickly and above all safely. This way you get the material that must go through many hands perfectly safe every time.

The decontamination unit focuses on:
  1. Safety
  2. Efficiency
  3. Ease of use
The device provided a return on investment in 6 months. It saves on material. Previously, when patients were discharged after more than 30 inpatient days, all materials, even unused, present in the hospital room were thrown away, which represented a significant cost. It saved enormous expense and we think the diffusion of NOCOLYSE® with NOCOSPRAY® is very efficient.

Fabienne Coissin, Health Executive, Lanny-Sur Marne Hospital, France.

Technical specification

  • Available in three off-the shelf standard sizes - 13.82, 36.5 or 73m3 - or made-to-measure.
  • Insulated panels with a thickness of 60mm with CLEANsafe 55mm coating
  • Insulated Hinged Door - clear width: 900mm, clear height: 2.000mm, thickness: 60mm
  • Oxy'Pharm Nocospray® with bio-degradable Nocolyse® disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide
Kingspan CLEANsafe Decontamination Unit

Kingspan CLEANsafe Decontamination Unit


  • Automated Sliding Door
  • H2O2 Monitoring
  • Ramp
  • Wire Rack
  • LED-Lighting
  • Heating
When we discovered NOCOSPRAY® / NOCOLYSE® does the same as formaldehyde, in the same efficiency for 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours, but without risk of contaminating the staff working nearby, it was an obvious choice. A lightweight device, it offers great flexibility of use - it’s easy to move from one floor to another and from one unit to another.

Prof. Alain Sarasin, Head of CNRS Research Unit, Gustave Roussy Institute, France.

Oxy’Pharm Technology

  • Bio-degradable disinfectants
  • Safe for people and the environment
  • Trusted by experts
  • Used in many sectors: health care, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, transport, public services

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