What is Quadcore?

QuadCore™ Technology is Kingspan’s next generation of self-blended hybrid insulation core. This innovation with its distinctive grey microcells powers the global industry’s highest combined performance, delivering:

• Unrivalled thermal efficiency
• Superior fire protection
• Enhanced environmental credentials
• Longest performance guarantee

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Higher value buildings with lower lifetime costs

Simply changing to QuadCore can result in lower lifetime energy costs for a guaranteed 40 years, higher green building ratings, and less smoke and fire damage in the event of a fire.
From coldstores to commercial buildings, QuadCore creates more lifetime value for owners and investors.
Our technical team can help design a total envelope solution that unlocks the full benefits of QuadCore for you.
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World-leading Thermal Efficiency

QuadCore™ Technology has the best lambda value of any closed cell insulation core in the world. The lambda (λ) value indicates how well a material conducts heat.

QuadCore’s lambda of 0.018 W/mk is almost twice as thermally-efficient as mineral fibre and approximately 20% better than PUR.

The graph below compares the thermal performance of QuadCore with other insulating materials. As you can see, QuadCore can achieve the same thermal performance with a thinner, lighter solution that can result in installation economies and less transport movements to site.

Kingspan also guarantees continuity of this thermal and structural performance for 40 years, an assurance unmatched by anyone else in the industry.

Low Smoke Solution with Superior Fire Protection

QuadCore™ Technology offers a unique combination of fire performance certification including FM 4882 (the FM Global insurance standard for smoke sensitive occupancies), providing enhanced ‘reaction to fire’ and ‘fire resistance’ performance. This superior fire performance results in extended spans and reductions in stitching in certain applications.

To view independently conducted tests comparing QuadCore with other insulation core materials, view the short video below. Our Fire Education area features the full QuadCore fire video, which includes the full suite of tests carried out on QuadCore, and also contains a series of independently audited real fire case studies:
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Better for Business, Better for the Environment

The improved thermal performance of QuadCore™ Technology helps optimise resource efficiency. It is also 100% recyclable and is CFC, HCFC, HFC free and has a very low Global Warming potential.

QuadCore Technology, together with whole building design support from Kingspan’s technical team, can help optimise performance in “green building” ratings systems. The improved resource efficiency delivers better transport utilisation which also means less truck movements to site.

An industry-leading 40-year guarantee

With QuadCore Technology's 40 year thermal and structural performance guarantee, you have the assurance of insulation continuity for 40 years without degradation of performance during the period of the guarantee, minimising lifetime building heating and cooling costs. In relation to structural performance, Kingspan guarantees that the product will perform according to the published loadspan tables for that product for 40 years.