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KSD1100 CS

System Overview

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Product Highlights

Kingspan Controlled Environent panels are designed for use within temperature controlled and hygiene safe environments, such as food processing, freezers, pharmaceutical, cold/chill store and clean rooms.
These Firesafe, hygenic and fibre free inulated wall panel systems are suitable for internal and external walls and ceilings, including "box within a box" applications.

1. Designed to withstand internal /external temperature differences of up to 80 degrees C
2. For applications from -50 degrees C to ambient
3. Incorporates a joint panel that achieves excellent thermal performance and can accomodate vapour and hygiene safe seals
4. Large range of profiles, coatings and inulation core thicknesss to meet project specific demands
5.  Available in lengths from 1.2m up to 11,75 metres and a cover width of 1100mm
6.  Hygiene safe, resting moisture ingress and any risk of toxic mould and bacterial growth

Technical Information

Thermal Performance, Dimensions & Weight

The Kingspan KS1100 CS Cold Store Panel proposes various profiles to best suit the application

KSD1100 CS 23 18 15 12 10
U-Value (W/m2K) 0,23 0,18 0,15 0,12 0,10
R-Value (m2k/W) 4,35 5,56 6,67 8,33 10,00
Core thickness (mm) 80 100 125 150 175
Weight (kg/m2) 0,5 steel/0,5 steel(KSD1100 CS 11,80 12,60 13,60 14,60 15,60
KSD1100 CS Wall & Partition Panel System
Product Reference Application Description
  Temp Range Max Wall Height
KSD1100CS 80mm 40 degrees C 5.90m
KSD1100CS 100mm 50  degrees C 8.60m
KSD1100CS 125mm 60 degrees C 9.50m
KSD1100CS 150mm 70 degrees C 11.65m
KSD1100CS 175mm 80 degrees C 12.40m

KSD1100CS Ceiling Panel System
Product Reference Application Description
  Temp Range Max Span
KSD1100CS 80mm 40 degrees C 3.00m
KSD1100CS 100mm 50 degrees C 4.50m
KSD1100CS 125mm 60 degrees C 6.00m
KSD1100CS 150mm 70 degrees C 7.62m
KSD1100CS 175mm 80 degrees C 8.48m

Fire Performance
FM Approval Pending
LPCB Approval Pending

Environmental Rating
Zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP)
Low Global Warming Potential (GWP)
Free From CFC, HCFC and HFC
Free from Halogenated Fire Retardents
100% Recyclable

Kingspan Not All Insulation is the Same Fire Brochure

Available in metal & stainless steel

External applications: Kingspan Sectrum, Kingspan Altaris, PES, Polyester and Plastisol. 
Internal applications:Kingspan CLEANsafe 15,25, 55 and 120.  Stainless Steel substrates are also available
Up to 40 Year Structural & Thermal Guarantee
Our technical team will support you with construction details for your project.

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