Cleanroom Systems

The UltraTech systems from Kingspan offer the ultimate in cleanroom solutions, satisfying the most demanding project requirements.

A World Of Experience...

In 2012 Kingspan acquired Isocab Retan to form Kingspan Cleanroom Systems. Together, we have over 50 years of experience and a global spread of project locations. For a full list of our completed projects, please contact us.


QuadCore - Next Generation Technology

QuadCore's grey microcells power the industry’s highest combined performance in fire protection, thermal efficiency and environmental credentials.The core is certified to FM4882 (KS1100UT-S) in smoke sensitive occupancies. Our 40 year thermal and structural panel guarantee offers you peace of mind for the entire lifecycle of your cleanroom.

Product Ranges

A range of semi-flush to flush integrations; including high performance doors, lighting, windows, walls & ceilings and accessories.

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