System Overview

Weathertight building envelope in a fraction of the time


QuadCore Karrier System

  1. Tongue and groove joint interfit achieves excellent airtightness performance
  2. Kingspan SFS 
  3. A variety of internal liners are available
  4. QuadCore insulation core
  5. Factory fitted vapour seal
  6. Weathertight solution allows earlier internal fit-out while façade is installed
  7. Achieves U-values as low as 0.08 W/m2K

Safe and easy to install

QuadCore Karrier provides a weathertight building envelope in a fraction of the time of other systems it can be factory or site installed onto Kingspan SFS studs allowing the build team to remove the façade from the critical path of the build program.
Where BENCHMARK by Kingspan does not offer a specific façade type to meet the client or Designer’s requirements we can work with your required façade supplier to provide structural calculations to ensure your façade is adequately fixed to our QuadCore Karrier panel or SFS studs.

Technical Details

The QuadCore Karrier System is a proven factory engineered building system which comprises individual high performance insulated panels designed to support the façades. Standard panels are available in a width of
1100mm, and can be cut making them ideal for projects with close window arrangements.

The lightweight panels can be manually lifted into position or can be installed with mechanical handling devices.This option is extremely flexible and can be considered at design and post design stages of a project.
The panels can be fixed to a lightweight steel framing system (SFS), available from Kingspan Steel Building Solutions. Alternatively, QuadCore Karrier Panel can be fixed to a braced Kingspan Multibeam purlin and rail system, available from Kingspan Structural Products & Systems.
Standard lengths 1.8 to 14 metres. 14 to 19.7 metres can be supplied but may be subject to a transport surcharge and restrictions.
Panels less than 1.8m long will be charged at full 1.8m price, plus cutting cost.
Our through wall solution is fully tested to comply with BR 135 to BS8414 requirements for buildings over 18m high. In addition, our systems have been CWCT tested and our SFS systems are BBA approved. They come with a 30 year through-wall system guarantee.

Thermal Insulation

The Quadcore Karrier panels have a Thermal Transmittance (U value), calculated using the method required by the Building Regulations Part L2 (England & Wales) and Section 6 (Scotland) Technical Handbooks.

Dimensions, Weight & U - Value

Core Thickness (mm) 50 60 80 100 125 150 175 200 220
U-Value (W/m 2K) 0.38 0.31 0.23 0.18 0.15 0.12 0.10 0.09 0.08
Weight (kg/m2) 12.3 12.8 13.6 14.4 15.4 16.4 17.4 18.4 19.1

Reaction to fire classification: B-s1, d0 to EN 13501-1

Environmental Rating
Kingspan QuadCore hybrid: HCFC, CFC, HFC free with zero ozone depletion (Zero ODP) receiving BREEAM Credit (Pollution 4: Insulant GWP) 2006 credit and Green Guide rating: A+.
BENCHMARK by  Kingspan offers a 40 year guarantee on the panel covering its structural and thermal
performance for this period.

Coatings - External Sheet

  • Kingspan XL Forte in Merlin Grey colour
  • Reverse side of sheet coated with a light grey polyester coating.
Coatings – Internal Liner (Standard Environments)
  • Kingspan CleanSafe 15: polyester coating with a
  • standard “bright white” colour with an easily cleaned surface.

Coatings – Internal Liner (High Humidity or a Corrosive Environment)
  • Kingspan CleanSafe 55: coating used in areas where there is high internal humidity, or a corrosive environment.
  • Kingspan CleanSafe 120: coating used in areas where there is requirement for food and hygiene applications.

All Quadcore Karrier panels have a predicted single figure weighted sound reduction Rw =24dB. Sound Reduction Index (SRI)

Frequency (Hz)
63 125 250 500 1k 2k 4k 8k
SRI (dB)
20 15 17 23 18 25 40 46

QuadCore Karrier Panel Datasheet