Interlocking Plank

A secret-fix cassette, flexibility in joint and face widths allows slim, linear designs. This system produces striking lines on buildings creating a bespoke look.

System Overview

QuadCore Karrier - Recessed Cassette

Interlocking Plank on QuadCore Karrier

Interlocking Plank is secret-fix with flexibility in joint and face widths creating slim, linear designs.
This system produces striking lines on buildings creating a bespoke look. Interlocking Plank is a very competitive option as there are minimal requirements for a secondary support/rail system.

Interlocking Plank can be installed on QuadCore Karrier panel, find out more

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Technical Details

Interlocking Plank

When installing the Interlocking Plank landscape, it is common practice to start at the top of the elevation, interlocking the top of one plank into the bottom of another. Centres are determined by the size of cassette, please contact the BENCHMARK Technical Department for details.

If this option is specified in Zinc or Corten, vertical top hats are required for ventilation. 

When installing the Interlocking Plank portrait, the orientation of the top hats and starting position will change, however, the same fixing method will apply. 


Minimum size for plank, 160mm x 150mm. Maximum size for plank, 3950mm x 290mm.


When a design demands colour and tone, BENCHMARK by Kingspan has a vast palette of choice. Aluminium can be coated in any RAL or BS colour, with coatings that can replicate more expensive metal options.
We have hundreds of options from metallic, standard, pearlised and textured.
Contact us for swatches and options or click for more information about our range of materials and colours

Fire: Aluminium has Class 1 surface spread of flame to BS 476-7:1987, and are Class 0, as defined by building regulations.

Enviromental:  Aluminium can be fully recycled and used for the production of new material.

Project details

In main photograph, Eastwood High School, Glasgow. Product: Interlocking Plank in Corten. Architect: Prater Ltd. Read More

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