Our Vision for Sustainable Buildings

The buildings of the future need to deliver more than ever before. They must combat climate change by maximizing energy efficiency through superior thermal performance while incorporating products that are lower in embodied carbon across their entire lifecycle. Using less energy is not enough; buildings should generate their own energy too.
Buildings should be healthy and inspirational, optimizing the benefits of daylight and fresh, clean air. They should be designed, constructed and operated to protect natural resources and conserve water as much as possible. Above all they must be safe, protecting people and property from fire and other natural hazards.
At Kingspan we believe all of this is possible and that, with advanced products and digitalization, buildings can also deliver more value.
This belief underpins our Planet Passionate sustainability program and the work we are doing at our IKON Innovation Center. These two initiatives, along with our advanced insulation and building envelope solutions, will deliver our vision of Better Buildings for a Better World.

Our 10 Drivers for Sustainable Buildings

We believe that in order to achieve truly future-proofed, sustainable built environments, all buildings must be designed, constructed and operated to deliver 10 key benefits for the wellbeing of people and our planet.
Explore our strategy below to learn how we are driving innovation in our products and our business to deliver these 10 key drivers, with the ultimate goal of meeting the IPCC 1.5º climate change scenario.

1. Energy Efficiency
2. Embodied Carbon
3. Circularity
4. Fire Performance
5. Occupant Wellbeing
6. Water Conservation
7. Healthy Materials
8. Digitalisation
9. Property Value
10. Construction Efficiency
Kingspan Better Buildings - Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Reducing energy demand in buildings with fabric and services.
Kingspan Better Buildings - Embodied Carbon

Embodied Carbon

Minimizing embodied carbon in materials and buildings.
Kingspan Better Buildings - Circularity


Enabling circularity in products through the full lifecycle.
Kingspan Better Buildings - Fire Performance

Fire Performance

Protecting people and property from fires.
Kingspan Better Buildings - Occupancy Wellbeing

Occupant Wellbeing

Harnessing the health benefits of daylighting and clean air.
Kingspan Better Buildings - Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Conserving and managing this precious natural resource.
Kingspan Better Buildings - Healthy Materials

Healthy Materials

Protecting the wellbeing of workers and building occupants.
Kingspan Better Buildings - Digitization


Empowering better building performance and construction efficiency.
Kingspan Better Buildings - Property Value

Property Value

Maximizing leasable space and lifetime property value.
Kingspan Better Buildings - Construction Efficiency

Construction Efficiency

Maximizing build-speed and quality with MMC solutions.

Featured Content: Sustainable Water Management Webinar

In this on demand webinar we discuss why we need to shift from thinking about the traditional urban water management model to a more circular approach that considers rainwater harvesting and stormwater runoff.

Watch to learn more about sustainable water management strategies and considerations for urban building design.

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