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Choose the Kingspan BioDisc® BD-BM sewage treatment models for a range of commercial applications – from hotels to offices, pubs to campsites and industrial buildings.

The unique design of the BioDisc® range has a proven track record for high-quality performance, superior reliability and low operational costs. The BioDisc® is also fully compliant with all European standards including BS EN 12255.

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The advanced design of the bigger units of the BioDisc® (BD-BM range) promises consistently high performance, even in the toughest environmental conditions. 1000 mm Invert option is now available!

Features and Benefits

  • No aeration
  • No compressors – No noise
  • Virtually odourless
  • Single piece tank
  • Patented Flow Management
  • Continuous treatment even with over- or under load
  • Fully removable covers for simple maintenance
  • NEW - 1000 mm inlet invert option is available for BH-BM units

Legislation, Standards and Codes

  • Designed and tested to EN12566-3 (BD-BF)
  • Designed in accordance with EN 12255 (BG-BM)
  • CE marked

Assured Performance

The nature of wastewater has changed over the last few decades. In recognition of this, Kingspan unique patented Managed Flow System has been specifically designed to maintain optimum performance despite shock organic loadings and hydraulic surges. The detrimental effects of modern disinfectants and cleaning materials are minimised by the managed flow system.

Commercial Applications

Certain commercial applications, such as pubs, clubs, hotels and industrial units, place additional stresses on the wastewater treatment process. The sewage strength from the cocktail of detergents, cleaners, and chemicals demands a greater treatment capacity than a purely residential application. In such instances Kingspan can advise on the best possible treatment and BioDisc® can meet your requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.

Process Design

The Kingspan BioDisc® uniquely provides four separate treatment zones within a single vessel.

Primary Settlement Section: (1) Wastewater enters the primary chamber. Solids and heavy particles, including non-biodegradable items, settle and consolidate into a sludge which requires periodic removal. Liquid still containing some solid particles rises upwards into the

Primary Biozone: (2) Discs in this area, rotating at approximately two revolutions per minute, allow oxygen to be absorbed into the developing biofilm as naturally occurring bacteria attach to the discs. These discs provide a highly beneficial pre-treatment area.

Flow Management Device: (3) Forward flow is controlled by a baling device attached to the rotor assembly and a pre-determined volume of partially treated waste is transferred into the secondary disc zone. Incoming flows in excess of the baling device capacity stay in the primary area and it is this that creates hydraulic balancing within the plant. Zones 1 and 2 (as above) between them have a balancing capacity equal to approximately 25% of the design flow of the plant and it is this feature that can allow the plant to retain six hours flow in the event of a power failure. This is now a requirement under the latest Building Regulations Part H2.

Secondary Disc Zone: Flows entering this zone are exposed to a second and separate bank of discs on which grow a further matrix of bacteria. Protected from flow variation and harmful contaminants, the bacteria efficiently use the nutrients in the effluent as a food source.

The rotation of the discs creates a gentle flow path within both disc zones that moves wastewater along the zone and rotation also sloughs ageing or surplus bacteria from the discs creating space for new bacteria to develop.

A key benefit of BioDisc® is that the whole surface area is continually regenerated with new biological growth and that there is constant replenishment as all spent bacteria are flushed into the final settlement zone.

It is often the case with submerged or fixed media treatment processes, that the biological zones become clogged with dead or excessive biological growth, inhibiting treatment and demanding expensive and dirty maintenance.

Final Settlement Zone: (5) The almost fully treated effluent, is displaced from the disc area into the final settlement zone. The final settlement zone is fitted with a simple sludge return pump that transfers the settled material from the base of this zone into the primary settlement zone. This improves process performance by protecting the outlet and returning dilute and active biomass into the primary tank. This feature can be modified for seasonal flow variations.

The final effluent, free from solids and pollutants, exists through the outlet pipe.

Consistent Effluent Quality

These plant are designed to achieve an effluent quality of 20mg/l BOD, 30mg/l Suspended Solids and 20mg/l Ammonia on a 95% basis. These BioDisc® can also be configured to produce better standards of effluent quality with Ammonia levels as low as 5mg/l being achievable. Contact Kingspan for design support and further information.
  • The systems are designed to deal with flows up to 3xDWF.
  • Applications where commercial catering takes place will generate significant volumes of grease which should not be allowed to enter any treatment system.
  • Kingspan manufacture a wide range of grease traps and their specialist advice should be sought in these types of applications.
  • The treatment of sewage from applications other than domestic housing can often demand special precautions, therefore specialist advice should be sought from Kingspan.

Safety Features

  • Low profile lockable covers
  • Fully removable covers to ease maintenance, simplify de-sludging and provide a safe working environment without the need for restricted access provision, a requirement of the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997
  • Full platform access to motor and bearings
  • Secure lockable control panel
  • Integrated loss of rotation alarm (optional on BE-BG, standard on BH-BM)

Control Panel

The plant are supplied with either a single phase or a three phase direct drive motor and come complete with a control panel and feature:
  • inversion device included within the panel*
  • single phase power supply to the panel converted within the panel to three phase prior to connection to the drive motor

Low Operating Cost

BioDisc® has proven track record for high quality performance, reliability and low operational costs and the new range incorporates features that further enhance that reputation:

designed to run from either a single phase or 3 phase power source
require 60 to 370 watt motors, offering the lowest running costs of any plant in their class

Direct Drive

The disc assembly rotates through the sewage effluent and supports the growth of a biological matrix. When fully loaded with saturated bacteria the disc assembly becomes heavy, therefore both drive and rotor design are critical. Kingspan have many years experience in this field and these new products provide a number of new features:
  • direct drive motor which is fixed directly to the disc shaft*
  • no requirement for chain or belt drive**
  • reduced and simplified maintenance

Two-Part Shaft

A two-part shaft has been incorporated to simplify maintenance and reduce bearing wear. The new Kingspan two-part shaft assembly:
  • supports the rotor in four places rather than two
  • significantly reduces the load and wear on the shaft and bearings
  • features bearings selected for long life
  • features bearings fitted with automatic grease capsules that only require annual replacement
  • simplifies installation by reducing potential drive alignment and bearing wear problems sometimes associated with long single shaft motors

Inlet Invert options

Developed as a direct response to MTO requests from our customers, we have launched the new larger 1000mm invert option across the commercial BioDisc BH-BM range.

Rotor Design

New range includes the well established Kingspan rotor design which:
  • is compact and structurally sound
  • is designed and built for long life without the need for rotor maintenance often associated with sectional bolted rotor assemblies

Monocoque Casing

All BioDisc® in this range utilise the same casing, providing:
  • lightweight, yet robust and structurally strong GRP construction for easy on-site handling
  • steel cradle integrated into the casing provides stable platform for mechanical components
  • factory pre-engineered to exacting Kingspan standards, ensuring consistent high quality and eliminating on-site assembly
  • full length ports providing quick and easy access for desludging
  • 600mm invert depth, with only 150mm head loss through the plant
  • variable desludging/emptying cycles
* BioDisc® BH-BM only.
**BioDisc® BH-BM only - chain drive on BioDisc® BE-BG.
  • Pubs, Hotels & Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Nursing / Residential homes
  • Housing developments
  • Holiday and Caravan/Camping Sites
  • Factories, Industrial Estates & Commercial Business Parks
  • Residential Parks (Mobile or static caravan sites)
  • Construction Sites - Welfare Facilities
  • Distribution Centres
  • Leisure Parks/Attractions
  • Sports/Health Centres
  • Energy from Waste Sites
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