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Enjoy complete peace of mind with the Pumpstor Commercial range from Kingspan. When power supplies fail, the Pumpstor Commercial responds instantly, separating liquids and solids into a separate chamber and storing waste for up to 24 hours. When power is restored, the pumps will work normally again without further maintenance.

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All Pumpstor Commercial pumping stations are made from robust GRP. They are designed as a single-piece chamber with two separate sections, one for normal operation and one for emergency storage.

Features and benefits

  • Minimal on-site assembly, saving you time and money
  • One-piece tank chamber for easy installation
  • High-level alarm for complete peace of mind
  • Weir screen features innovative removable filters, so there's no need to access the chamber during maintenance - best for on-site health and safety
  • Single-tank installation up to 79m3 (multiple tank systems available)
  • Multiple valve chamber location and invert options
  • Totally sealed system
  • Less cranage and shallower excavation than concrete pumping stations
Tank Size (mm) Capacity Up To (Ltrs) Tank Material Control Panel Alarm Pump Type
2600 Diameter 79,000 GRP Included Standard Single/Twin
  • Caravan Sites
  • School
  • Industrial Park
  • Multi Domestic
  • Hotel
  • Industrial Estates
  • Housing Estates
  • Care/Nursing Homes
  • Office/Warehouses
  • Garden Centres
  • Service Stations
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