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Volkswagen Group Ireland Dealerships Using Kingspan Sensor to Manage Lubricants

The Project

There are no longer any concerns about running out of oil at many Volkswagen Group Ireland dealerships after Watchman Anywhere Pro systems were installed in lubrication tanks at 28 workshops across the country, with more installations planned in the months to come.

The Watchman Anywhere Pro systems were developed by Kingspan Sensor and are designed to monitor the level of lubricant within a single tank, or across an entire business estate. This information is then fed through, 24/7 to any web-enabled device, including laptops and smartphones. 

The installations mean that managers at Volkswagen Group Ireland dealerships can monitor lubricant stock levels in real-time even if they are out of the office, either through email or via a phone app, and place an order whenever they need to. The move has also put an end to staff having to manually dip the tanks to check oil levels. Instead, they can just bring details up on screen. 

Emanuel Trindade, Aftersales Service Programs Specialist at Volkswagen Group Ireland, says: “Stock management is critical to our business and the excellent service Kingspan provided from the initial install to the after sales support has been crucial to the success of this project.”

Paula Keeley, Office Manager from Kingspan Sensor says: “Dealerships can easily be servicing 30 cars a day, in which case they would be using up to1000 litres of oil a week. If the oil stocks run out then the cars cannot be serviced, which clearly costs the business money.

“Our simple and stable ‘measure and monitoring’ solutions enable automotive businesses to see what’s happening in every tank across their entire estate. 

“Our centrally-secure databases provide key data metrics and reporting for lubricants and many other liquids and materials, and this includes not just low level alerts but usual usage patterns, fill volume, consumption data and projected run out date. 

“We can offer visibility and control through data for businesses and consumers across the globe and we offer it cost-effectively through these scalable and flexible platforms.”

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