GreenGuard SLX Sheathing


For Use as Non-structural Insulating Wall Sheathing

Kingspan GreenGuard SLX Sheathing is an extruded polystyrene (XPS) board that gives you an edge on moisture resistance and thermal performance. With an R-Value of 5.0 per inch of thickness, it is an ideal thermal insulator that increases a home’s energy efficiency. And because it’s made of XPS, the board doesn’t absorb water, allowing it to retain its insulating properties over time. SLX has interlocking shiplap edges that reduce energy-robbing seams and gaps, while also providing an extra barrier against moisture infiltration. Tough film facers on both sides of the board produce greater durability and less waste. 

Product Information

Property Test Method 1/2" 3/4" 1"
Thermal Resistance, R-Value
ASTM C 518
(@ 75ºF Mean
3.0 4.0 5.0
Water Absorption
(Max.% by Volume)
ASTM C 272 0.1 0.1 0.1
Fire Characteristics2
Flame Spread
Smoke Development
ASTM E 84/UL 723


Max. Recommended Use Temp.
(°F )
  165 165 165
Board Dimensions 4' x 8' 4' x 8' 4' x 8' 4' x 9' 4' x 9'
Thickness 1/2" Nominal Thickness 3/4" 1" 1/2" 3/4"
Sheets/Bundle 20 14 16 20 14
Sheets/Pallet 160 126 96 160 126
Square Feet/Pallet 5,120 4,032 3,072 5,760 4,536

1 Specimens were aged and tested in accordance with FTC Rule (16 CFR, Part 460) and ASTM C578 (1″ only).

2 These numerical flame spread and smoke ratings are not intended to reflect hazards presented by this material under actual fire conditions. See UL Classification Certificate A183.

GreenGuard SLX Sheathing_Product Sheet_US_CA_IMG

GreenGuard SLX Sheathing Product Sheet

GreenGuard XPS  Insulation Board Installation Guide

GreenGuard XPS Insulation Board Installation Guide

GreenGuard XPS & Sheathing Install Guide WRB

GreenGuard Insulation Board & Insulative Sheathing Installation Guide for WRBs

CCMC 12722-L

Canada - Evaluation Listing CCMC 12722-L - XPS Insulation Board

GreenGuard Faced XPS Insulation Board_Safety Data Sheet_US_CA_IMG

GreenGuard Faced XPS Insulation Board Safety Data Sheet

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