WARNING: XPS Foam insulation and XPS building wrap will ignite if exposed to fire of sufficient heat and intensity. Protect these products from exposure to open flame or other ignition sources during shipping, storage, and installation.

These products should not be used as an exposed interior surface in buildings where people can be expected to be present. An approved fire protection barrier, such as 1/2″ gypsum wallboard or the equivalent, should be applied between these products and the interior of such buildings. Fire and building codes should be followed.

All assemblies should be evaluated for effectiveness and location of vapour retarders to avoid condensation and subsequent damage to structures (ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals).

Since foam sheathings are non-structural, they must be installed over adequately braced framing in accordance with local building codes.

Storage and Handling: When stored outdoors, all products should be protected from exposure to direct sunlight using the original packaging or an opaque, light-colored tarp. Material that has been unwrapped should be covered or

Moisture Management of GreenGuard Building Wraps: GreenGuard building wraps are excellent secondary weather barriers that help deflect water and wind-driven rain, yet are designed to breathe to assist trapped moisture vapor to escape, helping walls dry faster. GreenGuard building wraps are made of synthetic materials that are generally recognized as not providing a food source for insects, fungus, mold, or mildew. GreenGuard building wraps should always be properly installed and stored.

Moisture Management of Kingspan rigid thermoset insulation boards: Kingspan GreenGuard extruded polystyrene foam insulation (XPS) and Kingspan OPTIM-R Vacuum Insulation Panels is made of synthetic materials that are generally recognized as not providing a food source for insects, fungus, mold, or mildew. Kingspan foam insulation should always be properly installed and stored.

Kingspan Insulation believes the information and recommendations herein to be accurate and reliable. However, since use conditions are not within its control, Kingspan Insulation does not guarantee results from use of such products or other information herein and disclaims all liability from any resulting damage or loss. NO WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IS GIVEN AS TO THE MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR OTHERWISE WITH RESPECT TO THE PRODUCTS REFERRED TO.

For more information on specific building product recommendations and installation guidelines, contact your Kingspan Insulation representative.

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