Northern Arizona University - University Services Building

The Project

Northern Arizona University (NAU) needed a structure to bring together, in a single building, several service departments that were previously in various locations around the Flagstaff campus. Today the University Services Building houses office and administrative space for the NAU’s marketing, fundraising, accounting, information technology, and its foundation personnel. Although this project was challenged by a tight budget, limited space, and a very aggressive timeline, all goals were achieved with the help of Kingspan products.

Flagstaff, Arizona
KS Micro-Rib & KS Mini Micro-Rib

From the exterior of the building, we were able to use IMPs in multiple colors to accentuate a 40-foot cantilevered overhang and building entry. Many other enclosure systems were reviewed, but due to a very tight, grade-related constraint, a system that could be hoisted into place without excess waste or site utilization was necessary

Ron Ensley - Senior Project Manager, LEED AP, Phoenix Operating Group of M.A. Mortenson


Space with Pace

There were 4800 square feet of 24” KS Mini Micro Rib (Bright Silver) and 14,700 square feet of 36” KS Micro-Rib (Charcoal) installed on the NAU Services Building. This helped to complete the project on time through the faster speed of installation, meet the budget, provide easier installation within the constraints of the site and offer design creativity.


Savings on Time and Money

Using IMPs saved approximately three weeks on the schedule in the framing activities and dramatically lowered costs for the enclosure. The facility was constructed on time while meeting the aggressive design-build budget. Scott Bourdo, of Kovach, Inc., further noted that the faster speed of installation, thanks to the use of Kingspan insulated metal panels, allowed the building to be dried in quickly. Interior trades were able to start work immediately after elevations of the building were complete.

Products used on this project


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Case study PDF of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona USA

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