Premium Wine Storage

The Project

Premium Wine Storage, a wine storage company, needed to expand its operations in Sonoma Valley to include a new 20,000 square foot bulk wine storage facility. To successfully and legally store wine, very specific conditions need to be met. There must be a very stable internal environment without humidity or sunlight. There are also regulatory safe food handling standards that must be met.

The KingZip standing seam roof panels used in combination with 300 Series Azteco insulated wall panels created a high performance building envelope for this wine storage facility and helped to meet the requirements.

Healdsburg, California, USA
KingZip & 300 Azteco* (*available only in the USA)

I actually use a wide range of Kingspan U.S. products. I always choose to make the commitment to Kingspan for the durability. Even Kingspan’s base-line products are good-looking, especially their architectural products that have an aesthetic appeal, and all Kingspan’s products are easy to install.

Marc Davis, Installer


Going ‘Greener’

The owners wanted to maximize the building’s energy efficiency by reducing energy demand. California’s status as a leader in green building codes and carbon emissions standards meant that sustainability and carbon footprint were important factors to consider. The storage facility used an integrated building envelope solution including Kingspan roof and wall panel systems.


One Single Component System. One Great Choice.

The Kingspan panel systems provided a high degree of design flexibility to help create a facility with a high level of aesthetics. Kingspan IMPs simplified installation, as a single component system increases build speed, minimizes construction delays and requires fewer trades. These advantages can result in installation times being reduced by up to 50% compared to traditional multi-part systems.

Products used on this project

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