Maui Brewing Company

The Project

The award winning Maui Brewing Company aimed to construct a new 42,000 square foot facility that would not only help meet huge demand, but would also do so in a stylish and environmentally sustainable manner, that would be consistent with the brand they had built over ten years. The new brewery provided a modern take on traditional Hawaiian architecture.

Kingspan’s  KingZip insulated standing seam roof system was an integral part in realizing both the design intent and environmental sustainability they desired.


Maui, Hawaii, USA
KingZip, 300 Granitstone* & 300 Minor Rib* (*available only in the USA)

Traditional standing seam roof with insulation just never looks good and carries a lower R-value than we found with KingZip. When you look up at the ceiling the finish is clean white metal. Higher insulation R-value leading to lower cooling costs, longer life, lower maintenance and
 fast install.

Garrett Marrero - Founder, Maui Brewing Company


Future Focused

The list of benefits from the Kingspan roof and wall panels installed runs nearly as long as the list of cold beers Maui Brewing have on tap, including meeting their sustainability and energy efficiency expectations in a stylish way, and assisting with temperature control. The panels were also ideal for their high performance and aesthetic requirements. They contain a substantial amount of recycled content, and the panels themselves are recyclable, which is consistent with the brewery’s commitment to having sustainability at the forefront of all of their business decisions.


Tapping into the Benefits

The ease of installation of the wall and roof panel systems was a critical factor in reducing construction time. The KingZip insulated standing seam roof panels allowed installers to trim to fit as the KingZip seam navigated valley gutters, and even a roof cricket, across multiple level changes from peeks high to low. With various pieces of equipment (including HVAC units and exhausts) needing to penetrate the roof, KingZip made sealing around these protrusions simple and worry-free.

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