MacDill Air Force Base

The Project

After two years of discussion with the Florida Historical Preservation Office (FHPO), MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, received permission to renovate its 1940s vintage hangars. Historic Hangar 1 was slated to be the first to receive upgrades that will allow it to remain operable for 70 more years. The project, budgeted at more than $2.4 million, included replacement of the siding on the hangar.

The Kingspan 400 Wave and 300 Series Azteco Embossed Insulated Metal Panel (IMP) was the product chosen for the new cladding of Hangar 1. It matched the base commander’s “Architecture of Community” vision for MacDill Air Force Base, provided excellent energy benefits and enhanced curb appeal.

Tampa, Florida, USA
400 Wave & 300 Azteco* (*available only in the USA)

Our company was challenged on this project to match the wall panels, steel windows and hangar doors to retain the same unique design features as the original construction. Hangar 1 is situated in a very open area that can become very hot in the Florida summer. Kingspan 400 Wave and 300 Series panels are insulated and help ensure a stable interior environment.

Jim Roe - Project Manager, R.M. Williams Construction


A High Flying Solution

The primary reason for choosing Kingspan’s 400 Wave IMP for the new cladding of Hangar 1 was that all five hangars at MacDill are designated as historic. Renovation performed on a historic structure must try to retain as much as possible of the initial construction. The 400 V-Wave product was the closest match to Hangar 1’s original wall panels and also derived the energy benefits of today’s IMP technology.


Ready For Take Off

Many environmental benefits are also gained by specifying Kingspan 400 Wave and 300 Series Azteco Embossed IMPs. The exterior skins contain a substantial amount of recycled content, and the panels themselves are recyclable. Each panel weighs only three pounds per square foot, which reduces transport and installation energy costs.

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