Digital Realty Trust

The Project

Digital Realty Trust, a leading global provider of data center solutions, decided to convert a 575,000 square-foot single-story warehouse/light industrial facility into a high-end, 24/7/365 mission critical data center called Digital - Chicago.

The Kingspan KarrierPanel system was specified to achieve a fast-track critical path of cladding construction.

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Kingspan KarrierPanel, 3 inches thick by 42 inches wide, foam insulated wall panels were chosen as an alternate to typical building enclosure systems such as gypsum sheathing, weather barrier, insulation with sub-girt system, and rainscreen face panel. The building in Franklin Park was an
old warehouse being converted to a new high tech facility and insulated metal wall panels greatly enhanced the design aesthetic for this adaptive reuse project,. The main design elements of the project incorporated exposed fastener single skin wall panels by Morin and vertical foam insulated wall panels by Kingspan.

Ryan Stojkovich - VP of Business Development, Hill Architectural Systems

Speed and Style

The main challenge facing the design team was to reduce construction time. Because this facility was urgently needed, a key concern was how to quickly enclose the building envelope. The KarrierPanel system offers a more time efficient alternative to conventional multi-part façades, so a structure can be quickly insulated to ensure air and water tightness.


Weather Wise

Some of the most advantageous elements of using the Kingspan KarrierPanel system include speed of build, immediate weather-tight enclosure, and the unlimited possibilities for rainscreen cladding systems, installed as a screening outboard of the enclosure panel system. By selecting Kingspan KarrierPanel, installation of the building envelope was not impeded by UV degradation, temperature fluctuations, or inclement weather.

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