CubeSmart Self Storage

The Project

The CubeSmart Self Storage building in St. Petersburg, Florida, doesn’t fit the stereotype of self-storage buildings. The building looks more like an office building than a self-storage facility. It features retail on the first floor, with three floors of self-storage above. Access to storage units is through interior corridors, so there are no visuals that suggest the building houses storage units.

Real estate firm AltisCardinal developed the $20 million building on the site of a former low-income motel, and it’s part of a more than $100 million redevelopment project.

St. Pete, Florida, USA
KS Azteco & KS Micro-Rib

Metal Panels Give the Self-Storage Industry a New Look

This CubeSmart includes more than 31,000 sq. feet of Kingspan IMPs. Two types of Kingspan panels were used: KS Azteco and KS Micro-Rib. Both can be applied vertically or horizontally.

IMPs provide nearly endless options when it comes to finishes, and colors are easily replicated for franchise operations.
“We’re seeing more and more insulated metal panels in self-storage. We use insulated metal panels as much as we can and encourage clients to go with a more contemporary look that works well in today’s world. In my opinion, it’s a great product for self-storage.”

-Pat Pillot,
Patrick M. Pillot Architect Inc.

Architectural Advantages of IMPs

AltisCardinal’s CubeSmart aesthetic is part of a national trend in self-storage. More facilities are being built in urban areas, closer to apartment and condominium complexes.

However, being in a more urban or suburban area likely means a higher design or aesthetic criteria that has to be met. The result is that developers like AltisCardinal have re-imagined what self-storage can look like.

A Faster Build with Fewer Trades

Insulated metal panels also mean fewer trades needed during construction and a faster speed of build, especially when compared to the traditional block wall and stucco approach.

With IMPs, conventional metal studs, insulation and drywall can be eliminated, and the entire building envelope can be done with one panel. IMPs provide the insulation and weather barrier all in one system.

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