CHK | Central Boathouse

The Project

The CHK | Central Boathouse is not only a functional boathouse situated on the Oklahoma River, it also houses a concert hall, art gallery, office spaces and more.

  • The CHK | Central Boathouse merges architectural form with function
  • Designed to be utilized as a multi-purpose space for a wide variety of event types
  • Integrates design elements inspired by jazz music

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA
Completion Date:
Rand Elliott Architects
General Contractor:
Lingo Construction
Insulated Metal Panels:
KS Mini Micro-Rib
Sq. Ft.:

A True Multi-Faceted Building

The CHK | Central Boathouse wasn’t designed simply to house the University of Central Oklahoma women’s rowing team, rather it was built to bring the Boathouse District of Oklahoma City together to create an immersive destination for live music, art and community events.

Rand Elliott Architects designed the CHK | Central Boathouse to “Connect the beauty, grace and power of rowing with the lyrical notes of jazz music.”  This intent is evident by examining the structure of the building.  Post-modern shapes and bold, modern lines adorn the exterior of the building, embodying an avant-garde spirit that seems like a physical manifestation of a free jazz or bebop song.

A Design That Brings The Community Together

While the main purpose of the building is to provide amenities for UCO’s women’s rowing team, including a training facility, gym equipment and a locker room, the real draw comes from the allure of the Boathouse as an event space.  The building includes an art gallery, a concert space with stage, offices, a reception area and a green room.

IMPs Add Design Flexibility

According to Rand Elliott Architects, the concept of the entertainment portion of the CHK | Central Boathouse is to “provide an acoustically tunable space to provide a broad spectrum of acoustic environments suited for a variety of performance styles and types.”

Kingspan insulated metal panels were chosen as the exterior cladding due to the unmatched design flexibility that IMPs provide.  The metal skin matches other boathouses in the area, and the added insulation protects the interior of the building from the rigors of waterfront realities like moisture and inclement weather.
The CHK | Central Boathouse is not only an architectural work of art; it is also a functional community space that embodies the true spirit of architecture – bringing people together by utilizing space and design.  With Kingspan metal panels, this boathouse will withstand the test of time and bring the residents of Oklahoma City entertainment for years to come.

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