Cannon Air Force Base

The Project

U.S. Army Special Operations Forces commissioned the Corp of Engineers to design and construct a new hangar and aircraft maintenance facility at Cannon Air Force Base, in Curry County, New Mexico. The total scope of this project included the construction of a high bay aircraft maintenance hangar, with an associated aircraft maintenance unit, complete with water storage tanks, a pump house, and an aircraft parts storage warehouse.

KingZip standing seam insulated metal roofing and 300 Series Azteco Embossed panels provided the best way to update and enhance an existing building.

Currey County, New Mexico, USA
KingZip & 300 Azteco* (*available only in the USA)

The KingZip panels were chosen as a value engineering option after the job was awarded. It allowed us to perform a quicker and safer installation of the roof system on this air field project in cold, windy winter conditions.

Ric Justus - CEO, Consolidated Metal Builders


A Breath of Fresh Air

KingZip roof panels provide an exterior weather barrier, high efficiency insulation core, and an integral vapor barrier. KingZip also provides designers with an array of color and finishing options. Kingspan’s 300 Series Azteco Embossed panel was specified for the wall of the Cannon Air Force Base hangar. These IMPs can be used in a multitude of building designs. The 300 Series Azteco panel offers an architectural element , giving the project an impressive look, at a value engineered price.


Mission Capable

The KingZip metal roof panel stands out among the crowd. It is manufactured with energy-efficiency, durability, and low maintenance in mind. With a KingZip metal roof system, the building owner, in this case the U.S. Army Special Operations Forces, can enjoy energy and cost cutting savings of as much as 30% over standard cavity-based insulation systems. The savings come with a high R-value, thermal performance of superior airtightness, and low thermal bridging.

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