Beckwith Animal Hospital

The Project

Building the new Beckwith Animal Hospital was not only about creating a state-of-the art veterinary facility but also about developing a state-of-the-art green facility. In fact, the building was designed to be earth-friendly throughout its entire life cycle.

Both the Kingspan roof and wall panels were ideal for this requirement as they combine energy efficiency with aesthetics and improved speed of build. Each product incorporates a dense, polyisocyanurate foam insulation core, with a stunning, design-specific exterior and interior face.

Modesto, California, USA
KingZip & 300 Granitstone Quartz* (*available only in the USA)

An Eco-Friendly Project with Style

For Beckwith, there was a desire for both a green facility and a green construction process, with minimum disruption of physical surroundings, plus efficient work and integration processes. The KingZip Insulated Standing Seam Roof Panels in the 6" thick Copper Penny color design selected offer polyisocyanurate insulation performance clad in stunning exterior beauty and protection. Approximately 14,000 square feet of material was installed on the roof, producing a classic appearance with modern appeal. Kingspan 300 Granitstone Quartz panels were installed on over 7,000 square feet of the existing wall.


A Top Performance

According to general contractor Tom Cosentino of Western Valley Development, this is one of the most unique and eco-friendly projects he ever worked on. From a performance standpoint, both the roof and wall panels provide superior airtightness and help reduce thermal bridging, causing the building’s heating and cooling systems to be specified smaller and achieve better performance.

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