550 Berkshire Drive

The Project

When the owners of 550 Berkshire, a multi-residential apartment building, were faced with significant signs of wear and tear on its exterior clay TTW (through-the-wall) brick, they were determined not to displace a single resident. The main focus of this renovation project was therefore to preserve the building, while updating the exterior.

Kingspan was able to help them achieve this with the KS Granitstone wall system. As well as style and faster installation, this system also leads to reduced energy demand through increased energy efficiency – a significant benefit for residents, especially in the winter months.

London, Ontario, Canada
KS Granitstone

One of our goals was to not have this property look like so many other buildings this age, which simply have a metal cap on the upper third of the building.

Peter Neil - Vice President of Residential Management, Sifton Properties Limited


Smarter, Faster

The aesthetic appeal of these IMPs in no way hinders their performance. In fact, because they are highly durable and ready to stand up to the elements, they not only look good, but they will also help protect the overall life cycle of the building.

Beyond curb appeal, these IMPs also offer single-component design, which means faster on-site installation, fewer construction delays, and potential saving on labor costs.


Standing Out

The retrofit project at 550 Berkshire was completed in early fall of 2014. Because they are highly durable and ready to stand up to the elements, the Kingspan insulated metal panels not only look good, but will also help protect the overall lifecycle of the building. They deliver high-energy efficiency through superior air tightness, low thermal bridging, and a high R-value, all of which can result in significant energy savings during the building’s lifespan.

Products used on this project


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