100 West 125th Street

The Project

New York City’s Harlem neighborhood is going through a revitalization, and a key part of this process is commercial development to draw in new retailers. An important part of the neighborhood renaissance is a 202,000-sf commercial and retail project called 100 West 125th Street, which is located in the heart of Harlem.

New York, New York, USA
Optimo & Designwall 2000

Our Solution

Kingspan was brought into this project to see if we could help with cost containment and still meet the demand for design and building performance. Using Kingspan panels resulted in significant cost savings for the developer, since there was no need for a backup wall for the 14,000-sf of metal panels. At around $20 a square foot, that’s a total of $280,000 in savings. Another benefit to our solution was cutting construction time. Since labor costs in New York City are higher than in almost any other city in North America, a fast speed of build was a necessity.


Unique Design

100 West 125th Street incorporates a unique design on its upper floors, with a mosaic pattern created from our insulated metal panels. Originally, the architect conceived a mix of vertical and horizontal panels. However, we found a way to use horizontal panels to manipulate the view and give it a vertical look. This gave the same effect the architect wanted and allowed for an easier installation on the metal stud building.

Products used on this project


Download this case study

Case study PDF of 100 West 125th Street in New York, New York USA

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