Kingspan - your Irish American Cousin

9 November 2018 Kingspan Environmental
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A Global Company, Firmly Rooted in Ireland

The Kingspan Group was formed in the mid-1960s in Kingscourt, County Cavan, Ireland. We started as a small family business, but 50 years later, now in third generation, we are now the world’s leading building materials and storage tanks manufacturers, firmly engrained in the Agricultural sector.  In 2008, we expanded into the USA and we now employ more than 1,500 staff across 16 manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout North America.  A recent recipient of the Smart Energy Decisions Innovations Award 2018, Kingspan has committed to become a Net Zero Energy (NZE) company by 2020 that commitment applies to each of its 113 facilities worldwide.

Fuel & DEF Storage Solutions

We started manufacturing fuel storage solutions over 40 years ago, and we are now a global leader in the sector.  However, we remain entrenched in Ireland with our global head office in Portadown, County Antrim!

From the very beginning, we have striven to be at the forefront of innovation and best practice in fuel, DEF and other energy storage, helping to drive better performance and raise standards across the globe.  

We invest heavily in research and development, always looking to drive improvement across our range of oil, diesel and DEF storage solutions to better serve our farming community for many generations to come.

We pioneered the world’s first ever self-bunded (environmentally responsible) poly tank for oil – leading change in the sector and setting industry standards around the world.

We also recognize our role in the neighbourhoods where we operate, and the industries we serve.  Through volunteering, donations and partnerships with associations, institutes and colleges we seek to be actively involved in our local communities, and support education in industry.