Kingspan Partners with Fuel Distributor in the Mining Sector

8 October 2018 Kingspan Environmental

The Challenge
An international fuel distributor, working exclusively in the mining sector, needed to find a new supplier of fuel storage/ dispensing tanks to be used on small-to mid-sized customer projects.
Transporting and setting up a traditional steel fuel tank requires specialised moving equipment and trailers - an expensive and time-consuming process. The company wanted lower cost, alternative fuel storage solutions that would be easy to lift, transport and set up at mining pits to give customers maximum operating time.

The distributor also recognised the importance of secure storage, given that one of its customers’ biggest concerns is limiting downtime. This can be caused by a range of issues including maintenance work (particularly on steel tanks), or by vehicle engines becoming fouled by particles or fuel bugs in dirty fuel.
The Solution

Kingspan’s FuelMaster fuel storage solutions met the brief in full.
FuelMaster tanks offer simple refuelling and are also suitable for storing fuel for onsite generators.
These tough, plastic tanks offered an attractive commercial alternative to small capacity tanks, and one that could deliver better value for money for the distributor’s customer base. They are relatively lightweight and compact, making them easy and cheap to transport and install.
The partnership is a new venture for the distributor – plastic fuel tanks were unheard of within the region as no local manufacturer had the capability to manufacture a product of this quality.
The tanks are very secure. They are lockable, and come with tank telemetry installed, including the award winning, Watchman Sonic Plus with the UniWatchman RX to continually measure and monitor the level of fuel in the tank, as well as trigger an alarm if a leak is detected.
The partnership has quickly established itself, and its success is easily judged by strong customer demand for the new Kingspan tanks.
Kingspan has provided full technical and after-sales support, marketing expertise, fast delivery, installation advice and guidance, product training, and consultancy, and its renowned customer service. The FuelMaster tank comes with a 10 year guarantee; and 2 years on equipment.
In keeping with the highest industry standards, Kingspan’s manufacturing facilities meet OFST200, OHSAS18001, ISO14001 and ISO9001.