Kingspan at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show 2019

29 August 2019 Kingspan Environmental
COF Kingspan

Kingspan, the global leader in Energy Management Solutions, will be showcasing the latest addition to its market-leading Diesel TruckMaster, BlueTruckMaster and BlueMaster ranges on Stand AB-75 Northern Ireland at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, Woodstock, Ontario, on September 10-12 2019.

Portable TruckMaster & BlueTruckMaster Tanks
All TruckMaster diesel fuel tanks and BlueTruckMaster DEF tanks are built for maximum durability and robustness. They have a strong yet lightweight construction moulded from high-quality polyethylene. The range has been designed to provide high levels of resistance to structural damage while protecting their contents from the damaging effects of changing weather conditions and UV radiation.

The new TM430 diesel fuel tank lids feature kiss-off points to add structural strength, and stiffness and new, more powerful aluminium hinges.  These are designed to ensure extra long-lasting performance and greater protection for its diesel supply and dispensing equipment.

“You could not get a more reliable transportable diesel tanks – TruckMasters are the ultimate in go-anywhere diesel re-fuelling,” says Mark Vaughan, Kingspan Commercial Director.  

“TruckMasters give users the freedom to go places a tanker cannot go and that kind of flexibility is vital for farmers. Even hard to reach places are now easier to get to, and that includes farms with narrow access points.  What’s more, they are built tough to withstand the toughest environments, and they are trusted the world over.” TruckMaster and BlueTruckMaster tanks are available in 200 to 430 litre sizes. 
BlueMaster Tanks

Kingspan’s BlueMaster tanks provide one of the highest quality, most secure and compliant on-site DEF storage solutions from any manufacturer, anywhere in the world.  

The DEF contents are protected both by a double-walled tank construction and by technological advancements such as Kingspan’s Closed Fluid Path system. This means that at no stage is the DEF is exposed to external contamination, from the moment it enters the tank until it is dispensed into the vehicle.

BlueMaster tanks come with pre-fitted with a premium dispensing system which is ready for use, once connected to a power source. The BlueMaster tank range is available from 2,300 to 9,000 litres.

Compliance Standards

All BlueMaster, TruckMaster and BlueTruckMaster tanks conform to the highest manufacturing and material compliance standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 and include UL/ULC approved components.

TruckMaster and BlueTruckMaster tanks come with a five year guarantee; BlueMaster tanks have a 10 year guarantee and for all three tanks, there is a two year guarantee on the equipment.  All this is backed by Kingspan’s renowned technical expertise and localised customer support team. 
Mark adds: “Trusted the world over, we are delighted that we can showcase these storage solutions in front of more than 43,000 visitors at such a prestigious event in the Canadian farming calendar.  We look forward to having conversations with many visitors and distributors who are keen to ensure the benefits these tanks deliver can be enjoyed by local farmers.”
Kingspan will be on Stand AB-75 Northern Ireland at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, Woodstock, Ontario, on September 10-12 2019.

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