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23 October 2018 Kingspan Environmental
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Kingspan’s energy storage solutions for DEF, are designed to help farming customers improve productivity, efficiency and reduce costs, while at the same time protecting the environment.

Kingspan is a global company with an energy storage business that operates in over 85 countries, from our home base located in Ireland. The company employs 13,000 employees worldwide and had a turnover in 2017 of €3.8bn (approximately $4.4bn USD).

In 1998, the company expanded into the USA and now employs more than 1,500 staff across 16 manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout North America.
A recent recipient of the Smart Energy Decisions Innovations Award 2018, Kingspan has committed to become a Net Zero Energy (NZE) company by 2020, a commitment that applies to each of our 113 facilities worldwide.

Our 40 plus years of experience enables us to always give the best advice and service to our farmers, based on in-depth home-grown knowledge.  Our experts spend a lot of time with farmers to understand how we can best develop solutions, that are practical and helpful for daily farming life. Through this experience we have seen first-hand farming solutions passed down through generations. 

Our static and portable, diesel and DEF tanks allow you to refill farm machinery wherever you are on the farm, so you don’t need to put vital work days on hold.  We are the preferred supplier due to the robust design. Uniquely the tank can be lifted when completely full and has forklift pockets and lift shackles to aid loading.

Our storage solutions ensure all your stocks are kept in optimum conditions. DEF can deteriorate if poorly stored as it can damage tractor engines, so we ensure our tanks are manufactured to the highest possible standards.  Our tanks protect your DEF stocks and are built to last in the harshest of environments.  Therefore, for a busy working farm, having a low maintenance tank is a benefit compared to steel tanks.

We safeguard your supplies from the risk of theft, with the complete dispensing equipment neatly stored in lockable cabinets to give you that peace of mind.

Meanwhile, our tank technology gives you remote access 24/7 to stock levels, allowing you to order replenishments in good time, avoiding the extra cost, downtime and stress around emergency purchases. 

All Kingspan storage and dispensing tanks meet the demands of a rapidly-changing international regulatory and compliance agricultural landscape.  Plus, each comes with full technical back-up, customer warranty, and Kingspan’s renowned after-sales customer support as standard.

We understand your needs 

We employ world-class design and manufacturing expertise, so farmers can choose from a large range of options and tank sizes for single or multiple storage and dispensing solutions.  Kingspan now manufacture storage solutions at 4 locations in Europe with the scale and reach to support our global customer base.

Our BlueMaster tanks range from 53 to 2,375 gallons, while our portable TruckMaster tanks are easy to pick up and transport, and range in size from 53 to 114 gallons, making them the ultimate in “go-anywhere fuel distribution”, including on farms with narrow access points. 

Your working day can start before dawn, so you can choose a tank with integrated lights for safe dispensing.  The dispensing systems have integral pumps which deliver strong flowrates for rapid refilling. Meanwhile, automatic nozzles stop fuel from dripping down onto ground where crops may be planted, which would contaminate the soil.

Whatever your needs, we have a fuel storage solution that will deliver quality, service, stock protection and data – so you can better manage your fuel assets ensuring the optimum output from your farm.

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