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Your Branding Platform

This product is your blank canvas and we will work with you to perfect the desired look and feel.  Choose from our standard colour code or we can also work with you to create your own branding platform. 

We take care of the design process, printing and application and all you have to do is sit back and appreciate its form.
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Triple Compartment Design

Our Unique TriComp system offers a triple compartment design offering three levels of absolute protection for your business and working environment. The inner tank compartment, intermediate tank bund and GRP outer shell combine to give you:

1. Environmental protection: The intermediate compartment holds 110% of the volume of the inner compartment, protecting against unsightly leakages and preventing pollution.

2. No service disruption: Our industry first triple compartment system ensures that your business is not interrupted by mechanical damage to the outer GRP shell. 

3. Investment protection: The triple compartment system combined with closed fluid path technology and virgin polyethylene ensures DEF purity is guaranteed. All equipment is securely housed reducing risk of mechanical or environmental damage.

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